LIVE COVERAGE: First Responders Against Vaccine Mandates – Saturday, November 20 – Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

Join us LIVE from our Facebook page, as Ontario first responders and friends speak out against coercive vaccine and mask mandates.

We will begin coverage after 11 a.m.

Saturday, November 6 speakers include:

Sean Jeffery – Military
Scarlett Martyn – Paramedic
Erin and Clay – Police Officers, Police On Guard
Kristen Nagle – Canadian Frontline Nurses
Rocco Galati – Constitutional Lawyer
Dr Paul Alexander, Academic Scientist
Dr Emad Guirguis, MD – Medical Investigator
Salim Mansur, PhD – Political Science Professor
Mike Jackson – Teacher, Educators for Human Rights
Ryan Penn – Take Action Canada
Chris Weisdorf – Legal Coordinator for Adam Skelly

Sunday, November 7

Corp. Daniel Bulford, RCMP
Vincent Gircys, Ex-OPP, Police for Freedom
Erin, Clay, Terri – Police On Guard
Dr. Julie Ponesse – Ethics Professor
Dr. Rochagné Kilian, MD – Frontline ER Physician
Randy Hillier, MPP
Richard Enos – Aviation
Nancy O’Brien – Educators for Human Rights
Pastor Michael Thiessen – Liberty Coalition Canada
Paula Tucci – Stand Up Canada

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