BREAKING: Randy Hillier to Run for Premier in 2022 Election with New Ontario PPC Party

Randy Hillier, MPP Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, announced that he will run for Premier of Ontario today with his new Ontario PPC Party at the 2nd day of the First Responders rally against vaccine mandates in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square.

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  4. Let’s get this out to the people. Promotion promotion promotion! This is great news and a bit of hope!

    1. Sorry wont get my vote. The PPC party is a fringe party. Some crazy nut cases in there with racist ideas.

      Sorry but anybody’s name that comes close to Hitler you can count me out.

      Bunch of racist Christian wackjobs in the PPC.
      Liberal is the only answer for Canada. Liberal values speak across every Province.

      1. Disagree friend. Your liberals have created a debt that may be the mountain Canada can never climb. Trudeau allows hard working Canadians to lose their job, their homes while giving free money to every freeloader that catches his eye. He has no respect for you or this country. He is using COVID 19 as an excuse to cage you more and more, yet liberal supporters such as yourself continue to believe everything that comes out of his mouth, and his liberal predecessors, without question while he laughs at your face on the way to the bank. The PPC party was the only party that had any “common sense”. Two years wearing a mask with no result while Canadians suffer, while pastors are jailed and you’re going to tell me “Liberal is the only answer for Canada”???? Well friend, when you’ll be living in a complete totalitarian regime perhaps you’ll remember your comment about Mr Hillier.

        1. You are so right. I wish people could see what the Liberal government is doing. Look up mass formation. This is how people are being manipulated by the government and main stream media. They feed you misinformation & disinformation daily, and create division and stupidity.

      2. I find it funny you mention racism and Hitler, yet the party you love.. look at that leader! Paints his face black, causes a social system that discriminates and divides. You sound moronic using terms to make liberals sound good when the leader is the worst for exactly what your trying to pin on others!! To sit and talk of Hitler when Trudeau is doing the exact same thing he did is beyond stupidity. I used to be a liberal. For years. But after waking up and seeing what a bunch of tyrannical hypocrites you all are… I was out. Your statements using terms you clearly have no idea what they mean is making you look ridiculous. Period.

      3. As a candidate, I can tell you we have some solid people.
        Racist is a word only used by radicals and has no place in Canada.
        FYI , Hitler was a leftist.
        Freedom and Prosperity, is all we want.

      4. Because his name is close to Hitler? That’s a pretty objective criteria you have here. I see you have the same interpretation of science as your adolescent leader.

      5. Liberals are destroying this once great country. If you’re that ignorant, we wouldn’t want you anyway

      6. At this point I would prefer a wackjob over a premier who supports Trudeau’s actions, Ontario has suffered enough already

    1. You have our votes glad to here this now get out and start campaigning make sure to come down to the Windsor area because there is alot of NDP people here you need to change there minds

        1. Elections Ontario I would think will rule that as Hillier’s proposed party was NOT registered nor even listed as a Reserved Name under the Elections Act, CANNOT use the words People’s PPC Peoples PARTY as such would cause confusion on the election ballots!

      1. Good for you exercising your right to vote even if its getting tossed into a dumpster fire started by racists and nut jobs.

        1. Whats with labels bud ? I think you should check the candidates and supporters. They are pissed off Canadians of all walks of life.
          So you labeling a group is very poor judgment and your opinion holds no weight. Unfortunately alot of morons will agree with you just because of your labels and the media’s labels being shoved down peoples throats constantly.

    2. Let’s get this out to the people. Promotion promotion promotion! This is great news and a bit of hope!

    3. According to Jim Karahalios (New Blue Party), Hillier is ‘controlled opposition’ for Ford & his corrupt PCs. He’s not even conservative.
      If he actually gets his PPC Party registered in Ontario (‘Peoples Party of Canada in Ontario’?), he’ll be doing it to help the corrupt Ford regime to win.
      Ford is running Ontario like the Liberals before him win. Ford has to go.

      1. Hillier has years of legislative experience, Jim has 0 and Belinda has 1 term…. I’ll back experience thx

  5. Hillier may find that it is to late to remake his image since he abstained from voting against Bill 12 a couple of weeks ago. Currently Bill 192 allows Ford and the PC’s to “regulate mandates” under emergency measures. Bill 12 would have “made it law” to force vaccination on everyone in the Ontario health and education sector. Randy chose NOT to take a stand and vote against the bill. He later explained that he did not need to vote since he knew it would be defeated. This is yet another example of a politician standing on the fence to try and keep their political image and appeal rather than stand for what is right. Belinda Karahalios, of The New Blue Party, led the charge that defeated Bill 12 while the majority of the Progessive Conservative Party, ALONG WITH HILLIER, sat silent trying to guess where the political winds would blow. The New Blue Party is the real choice right of center.

    1. Penelope Trottier

      I was not aware that he did not vote onside that is very sad indeed another bubble busted for me.

      1. At the request of Belinda Karahalios I emailed Hillier, who currently sits as an independent for Chatham-Kent Leamington, and strongly encouraged Randy to vote against Bill 12. He did not respond. My wife then reached out to him asking why he had abstained from voting against the bill. He simply chalked it up to not needing to take a stand on it. Hillier’s track record while with the PC’s was too consistently support all the political over-reach up until it came to him PERSONALLY having to take the vaccine to stay in the party. Karahalios, from the start, stood against all the political positioning the PC’s (and Randy) put in place to take away our representation and voice in the provincial legislature. As a result, Ford kicked her out of the PC party rather early because she chose to stand for what is right and voted against Bill 192 (which Hillier voted for). This bill now allows Ford and the PC’s to regulate mandates without having to debate or vote on them. Essentially, Ford can do what he wants under Bill 192 without having to be held to account on any decision he deems is “necessary” I’m not buying it. Representation and accountability are the foundation of our political system not just an inconvenience (as Ford framed it). That is why I will be voting for The New Blue Party come next June.

        1. You might want to do a tad more research…. Belinda has been an MPP for one term vs Randy’s 14 years. He has OFTEN stood against wrong policies. I fail to understand why the Karahalios, plus Baber, haven’t pooled together from the get-go. It’s NOT the time to put egos first.

          1. I understand that Hillier has been around for awhile. The point is that he didn’t stand up when he should have. We need to move past politicians playing politics rather than making taking a stand.

        2. You make yourself look foolish trying to knock Randy Hillier down by giving wrong facts in your comment.
          Randy represents the people of Lanark Frotenac Kingston not Chatham Kent Leamington you stated he represents.
          Get your facts straight prior to hitting the “post” button.

          1. Exactly get your facts straight, the PPC is full of racists, biggots and nut jobs. They are a fringe party with some facist ideals. I can’t believe they are even allowed to run in our society but that is freedom in Canada, even if the party is very un-Canadian.

        3. Perhaps you got a few things wrong here – like Randy Hillier’s riding. He is not in Chatham-Kent & Leamington. Did you call the right office.

          1. Hi Cat,

            I made a mistake about the riding. I can acknowledge that. I won’t put any political spin on my mistake. What I will do is re-double my effort to ensure that what I post is accurate going forward.

      2. That bill required a 100% approval to be passed – private member’s bill.
        There was absolutely no way that it would get 100% of all parties votes.

    2. His vote was irrelevant. You know it, I know it….and he knows it too. What he WAS doing was getting out there, organizing rallies and protests – because opposition has to start with the people.

      1. Hillier has shown up at rallies but for the most part hasn’t organized many. No one could have predicted the outcome on Bill 12. It is about taking a stand on a issue not just throwing your hands up and saying it is “irrelevant”. I don’t know to many people who would want to back Randy if he is that type of a politician.

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