BREAKING: Emergencies Act Motion Passes 185-151

A dangerous, new era of authoritarian rule continues without accountability for the next 7 days.

The Emergencies Act will remain in place until mid-March latest with the Senate also needing to vote, despite blockades in Ottawa and border crossings having ended.

At any time, the Senate, House or govt could pull support and have the measures revoked.

Trudeau, who invoked the Emergencies Act, did not have the decency to show up in the House of Commons to vote.

11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Emergencies Act Motion Passes 185-151”

  1. the Canadians are going to have to put away the peaceful protest, and take it up a notch. You can not peacefully protest or vote a tyrant out of power. think about it.

  2. This was the largest most peaceful protest I can remember and one that was completely justifiable. The government’s response was the most disgusting display of unnecessary violence against honest salt of the earth working Canadians. I would hate to see what their response to a real emergency would be.

  3. Trudeau and Singh will do anything to avoid an election because they know they’ll get annihilated at the polls.

  4. I have some faith in the Senators being far more clued in than these morons in the Liberal and NDP parties sitting in Parliament.
    Seven more days of Trudeau destroying everybody and everything he can.
    Really puts a lot of faith in those members that blindly followed their WEF leaders. Not.

    1. This really is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the senators to do the right thing and earn their place on the right side of history. However, since most of them are bought and paid for, Justin Castro will most likely live to oppress another day.

  5. Every MP who voted in favour of tyranny should lose his or her seat in the next election, assuming that the vote will ever be returned to the people of Canada! I always thought of Canada as a good country in which to live. It is! But…..the Trudeau government has removed our freedoms. Who will remove him from power?

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