Canada Will Be No Longer, If Trudeau Gets Ongoing Emergency Powers

It is thought that the Liberal govt’s invocation of the Emergencies Act will be approved tonight at 8 pm with the support of the NDP party over the opposition of the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois. Keean Bexte, journalist for The Counter Signal, has been raising alarms all day today with tweets covering Trudeau’s intentions, starting with the disturbing 11:18 am tweet that Trudeau wants the egregious emergency powers on an ongoing basis.

There was never any violence in Ottawa since the Freedom Convoy rolled in Jan. 29 to support its invocation…not until police began their violent march to clear the streets Friday, Feb. 18.

Though the Liberal govt, Ottawa Police and mainstream media narrative continue to spread misinformation that there was violence and a threat to overthrow the govt via white nationalist ties of some convoy leaders, there has never been any such sentiment or words expressed by participants and witnessed in our daily accounts since Jan. 29.

The greatest and most blatant the hole in this fallacious narrative lies in a simple question: where is the footage of the violence and white nationalists?

Dr. Byram Bridle on stage after his speech Sat., Feb. 12.

Today’s vote will go down as one of the most important votes in Canada’s history, as we are seeing massive powers being given to a govt that has built its offensive to deal with the peaceful demonstrator’s based on violation after violation of our Charter Rights, something that the Emergencies Act must honour.

If the Trudeau govt is granted these emergency powers through a veiled and coercive confidence vote today, it is difficult to not see any other outcome than Trudeau continuing to trample the Charter Rights of Canadians, abusing his powers with his continued and unnecessary overreach in the streets of Ottawa– now bare of trucks and protesters and eerily reminiscent of militarized zone of aggressive police–and after all blockades have been lifted. In other words, the fabricated threat of violence is more empty now than Trudeau’s words of wanting unity in Canada.

Volunteers donate hot dog buns.
Police line with protesters at Rideau and Sussex Friday, Feb. 18.

7 thoughts on “Canada Will Be No Longer, If Trudeau Gets Ongoing Emergency Powers”

  1. Start thinking here….Trudy wants the emergency powers because he knows darn well that they’re coming for him. And when I mean “they”, start doing some research. White hats, shadow government, secret military…any words you want to use. He knows it and he’s scared.

  2. someone told me that the ndp stands for the new dictators partner. someone else told me it is the new democratic party. i am confused! can someone please tell me what ndp stands for or means?

    1. Jagmeet Singh is just as bad as a dictator Trudeau. They both graduated from Schwab school. They will be brought to justice.

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