Bombshell Emergencies Act Inquiry Update + How to Contribute to the Inquiry -Eva Chipiuk, Lawyer

Constitutional Lawyer, Eva Chipiuk, joined us to discuss yesterday’s bombshell testimony by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Intelligence Officer, Pat Morris. His admissions should be enough to expose the misinformation put forth by all levels of govt, law enforcement and the mainstream media, which portrayed the Freedom Convoy as a hate-filled “insurrection” that “terrorized” Ottawa residents this winter.

Chipiuk also discusses two ways for participants and supporters of the Convoy to contribute submissions of their experiences to the Emergencies Act inquiry, one being the Freedom Convoy group’s survey and the other the govt’s Public Order Emergencies Commission (POEC) page. Day 7 continues tomorrow at 9:30. LIVE LINK.

Freedom Convoy group’s survey
POEC submission LINK

6 thoughts on “Bombshell Emergencies Act Inquiry Update + How to Contribute to the Inquiry -Eva Chipiuk, Lawyer”

  1. When did patriotism become a threat rather than a needed panacea?

    Using the Emergency Act against everyday Canadians, young and old, was not just bullying and physical warfare but psychological abuse. Soldiers and police in riot gear, weilded batons and tear gas against peaceful protesters who believed their Canadian flags, prayers, love, togetherness, singing, and inviting their aggressors to stand with them would protect them.  The disbelief on the faces of those protesters as they saw the reality of the lack of humanity against them, will be embedded in their minds and the minds of all those watching from their homes forever.  Their hearts broken, disabused of the notion that they were free, innocence crushed. Trucks smashed and confiscated,  business and drivers licenses and insurance revoked and bank accounts stolen without recourse or even a modicum of justice by proof of wrongdoing required. Simply waving your flag in protest now means they have license to arrest you, strip you of all your rights and wrong you in such an utterly invasive and contemptible manner.

    All that was really required was some simple dialogue and understanding and never letting it come to this in the first place. The devastating impact of this travesty to Canadians after two years of seeing their freedoms, businesses and livelihoods destroyed and being treated inhumanely will be felt for generations to come. 

    The truckers may have brought noise and inconvenience with them but they also brought patriotism, inspiration and hope, tears of joy and unity across the entire country and the world and gave the people a voice which they desperately needed. 

    People were/are protesting peacefully all over the country before and after the truckers arrived, to no avail, ignored and misrepresented by main stream media.

    Division was not caused by the pandemic but by the lies, blame and hate speech put forth from Trudeau and other government officials and media.  Labelling all protesters as racists, misogynists, undesirables and other labels is not only untrue but  unforgiveable and an embarrassment to our country.

     Now as we come to terms with what has transpired, we all have to take a deep breath, as I think each and every Canadian has been wounded by this in some sense.   Trust in our democratic processes and our representatives in government has been lost for many, but has hopefully created an underlying rumbling of people awakening for a real reset without the pervasive corruption.  We will rise up until we are heard. We need to heal and have faith. We need to regain trust by those in power,  undoing the injustice done by this and making amends. We need peace and freedom of speech restored and to hold that line never to be crossed again. Humanity must come before technology as we can easily surpass our ethical responsibilities. We need democracy through representatives who are accountable and trustworthy and who embody the true Canadian spirit and feel free to stand up individually. We need all mandates removed and never a social pass. Canada is a treasure and so are its people, no matter their race or status, let’s put it back together.

    1. As someone who spent 38 days in Ottawa and also was a spokesman for the shutdowns in 1990, this is an excellent piece. Keep up the good work.

  2. I was there with my family for the whole rally in ottawa and there was no voilance from any persons there it was peaceful and alot of hugging and bouncy houses for the children to play on . Plus the truckers were seen shoveling the side walks and picking up garbage on the streets and it was beautiful to see every one from all nationalities coming together in support for the same things freedom and compassion for all the people in the world, and I would do it all over again to show the government that we are peaceful loving Canadians that just want to live in peace and not be dictated to but be treated like human beings not animals. I hope this helps I love my country but not the way its being run.

  3. Bombshell Emergencies Act Inquiry Update + How to Contribute to the Inquiry -Eva Chipiuk, Lawyer
    Amazing interview, thank you!!
    I left my secure high paying job when they forced the jab in January, so during the Truckers Convoy, I was online MANY hours a day using my savings to sustain me during this time. I watched ALOT of live video feeds and listened to CB radio channels and went to Ottawa myself, NOT ONCE…did I see anything other than LOVE for fellow humans being displayed. This was a tranformational time…I will never be the same, nor will the world. Thanks to these couragous Truckers!!! We are all free, time to release their chains.


    1. We have one serious major issue.
      The level of complacency is off the charts.
      People can fly now.
      Go to the show without a mask. etc.

      So they are in a mindset that everything is going to be alright. They have no idea what is coming down the pipe.

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