Sex for A Covid-19 Shot…Happy Ending Not Guaranteed

Some Austrian men may think their vaccine compliance comes with a happy ending but with the unprecedented numbers of vaccine injuries being reported around the world (not by mainstream media) that ending may have unforeseen and possibly fatal consequences.


A sex worker holds a vaccine injection needle in front of a door with a sign that says, “Vaccine Street.”

2 thoughts on “Sex for A Covid-19 Shot…Happy Ending Not Guaranteed”

  1. It’s all fun and games until your balls swell, then shrink permanently. The same goes for impotence. And if COVID can cause impotence because of the spike proteins’ effects on blood circulation, so can the vax which creates the very spike proteins which have been demonstrated to cause these terrible effects.

    Remember, nothing is ever free. Especially a whore.

  2. There are no limits. The ‘logic’ of covidmania takes us here and well beyond. C19-induced delusions make satire and fiction seem redundant.

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