An Interview with Ted Kuntz, President of Vaccine Choice Canada

[FULL INTERVIEW] After his son was severely injured by a vaccine shot in 1984, Ted Kuntz became one of the most influential medical choice advocates in Canada. Today, Ted is the president of Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC), an organization dedicated to vaccine awareness.

The advocacy group hosts an incredible archive of resources with over 16,000 documents on the medical science of vaccine safety and efficacy and has come to the forefront of fighting for the freedoms of Canadians during the Covid-19 era. VCC hosts regularly scheduled Zoom calls with Canadian and international experts and icons, including Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. David E. Martin, Judy Mikowitz, Rocco Galati and Del Bigtree.

Join us for this special interview with Ted Kuntz.

***Bright Light News would like to express its sincere gratitude to Ted Kuntz and Vaccine Choice Canada in generously supporting us and the mutual cause of sharing credible data and truth in media during a time of rampant mainstream misinformation.


14 thoughts on “An Interview with Ted Kuntz, President of Vaccine Choice Canada”

  1. From Toronto.
    The ONLY thing that matters is WHEN DO WE ARREST these BOUGHT OFF GLOBALIST WHORES shilling for for Klaus and gang??
    Every MPP and doctor and nurse and administrators and ALL you COLLABORATORS taking $$$ to kill your own people should be ARESSTED.

    1. Your so right Nicholas, I keep hearing of arrest coming but never seen any real action, I’ll believe it when I see these sick people sent to hell

    2. Lol Windy buddy, you can’t even spell “arrested” correctly. Go back to school and pay attention this time. And get your vaccine and booster. Your family will thank you.

      1. no jab/no job is coercion not choice

        Jay: spoken like a daily believer in Big Brother and his Ministry of Truth. May your awakening be soon.

  2. Very good update both Gord Parks for bringing it to our attention with Ted Kuntz for the update. I agree that the Charter should have a law like Ted said Charter of responsibility should be added. I never trust any government now but was naïve, but I go back to my child hood when I listened to the vets that fought in world war 2, we had some pops at the clubs/legions and when they sipped on more pops, the truth came out and what they dealt with, they were my heroes and still are. Also for Rocco Galati and a full recovery . We are all truckers whether it’s a real trucker or heart of a trucker for not only standing up but also the many professions that stood in solidarity with them. They are and were the most peaceful, respectful, mature rally for freedom, can’t say the authorities did the same, I lost respect for the whole for them as they showed us all they were. One question that I been trying to find and never seen it ,where in any conversation or video did it show that the convoy was going to over through the government as the NDP leader Singh stated or was more leadership BS once again. HONK HONK way to go truckers and also for their bravery and respect for our not only freedom but for Canada we are, sorry elite you need to go meet real people

    1. I hear Rocco is in rough shape. Who will carry your epic monumental legal cases forward if Rocco kicks off? Do you know what he is sick from? He should have gotten his vaccines.

  3. Succinct summary of the convoy and the WEF agenda of the last two years.
    Time to stand up against Turdo and his witch and stand up for yourself and our country.
    This is an essential listen.
    Thanks,Ted and Gord.

    1. I can tell the milk of human kindness is just oozing out of you Maxxy buddy. Stay classy……

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