3-Year-Old Girl Dies After Covid Vaccine

A tweet Wednesday shows an Argentinian TV clip of a news broadcast with grieving mother, Miriam Suárez, discussing the death of her healthy 3-year-old daughter, Ámbar, after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

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23 thoughts on “3-Year-Old Girl Dies After Covid Vaccine”

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  2. How do we fight this? How do we get to the people pulling the strings? These parents are not the first to lose their child to vaccines. It’s been happening for decades. The lie that vaccines are safe and effective is pushed in schools, on tv, through hospitals, and through governments. The laws protect the manufacturers. The media pushes the lies. Social media protects those lies. Parents, doctors, and scientists who speak the truth are censored. And those living this nightmare never receive justice.

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  4. Very sad story. Probably a lot more to come as when you read comments on Main stream media posts so many parents are so proud and anxious to get their child vaccinated. They will not be able to forgive themselves if anything happens to their child. Children do not need to be vaccinated. In fact no one needs to be vaccinated.

  5. This is heart breaking but to blindly blame it on the Vax without proper backup is ridiculous. The sad thing is people die every day and very sadly it comes sooner for some than others. Statistics will show that of course there will be deaths right after the vaccine, but this is regardless of the vaccine. When you have the majority of the population vaccinated of course people that are vaccinated are going to die as people die everyday. Thats like saying the sky killed her because we all live under a sky, or maby it was the sunlight? How about the smell of bricks? Or better yet wearing cotton underwear…

    How many people die wearing cotton based underwear? Probably pretty high I bet. Or how many people die wearing shoes??? Also very high. Do the shoes and cotton underwear kill them? Well I am sure some of you tin fiol Alex Jones listening folk probably think so. Beware of cotton underwear and shoes!!!! Run and hide!!!!


    1. When 25 deaths were associated with the swine flu vaccine, they pulled it to make sure it wasn’t the vaccine. Turned out it was!
      So far thousands of deaths have been associated to this vaccine but you think we just carry right on. 🤔

    2. drikieatherstone@gmail.com

      Please explain why we don’t see more articles like this after other vax? Others that does not only work under emergency use? With protection against liability? With no data input of effects of the masses as it is still a trial? This and many more should be noted and studied and acted on.

    3. You’re an absolute moron. I just can’t with this reply. Seriously people are blind and brainwashed beyond belief. Wake the heck up!!!

    4. For the Love of God

      Tell me Rog Whit, the scientific evidence of wearing cotton underwear and shoes to death in any age category. Tell me Rog Whit, the scientific evidence of of a 3 year old getting a Covid vaccine and death. Tell me Rog Whit, the risk benefit ratio of a child wearing underwear and shoes and then tell me the risk benefit ratio of a 3 year old getting a Covid vaccine.
      The risk is ALWAYS 100% when it’s your baby so therefore being informed about underwear, shoes and vaccines should ALWAYS be allowed. Tell me Rog Whit, do you believe this mother was fully informed? She has had a lifetime to see and be informed that underwear and shoes give greater benefit than risk. How much time did she have to be informed the same with this vaccine??

    5. That is a crazy statement, the poor baby girl died straight after the vaccine I’m pretty sure that unfortunately the likelihood of it being an adverse reaction to the vaccine is high. Comparing this with cotton underwear is just so disrespectful. There was a drug pumped into her tiny body and she died after. It’s not rocket science

    6. Unfortunately, this mother isn’t blindly blaming the vaccine. You are just defending your choice to blindly vaccinate. Be careful where you place your trust. You or one of your loved ones may be placed in the same position as these parents. I pray the world doesn’t reflect back the reaction that you’ve displayed here in the public forum.

    7. Seriously? So all the deaths of healthy people after getting the vaccine does not ring warning bells with you? Amazing how deluded you present yourself, just hope you dont really believe what you are saying.

  6. This is WAR. Subjecting kids to this assinine agenda is still only waking some people up. We are surrounded by cowards. Thanks to social media and government lies. Who knew cowards could be so bold. Treason is what all these politicians have commited. Our PM is no exception and the worst offender. Scandals and coercion. We need to hold them all accountable. So called Health officials ramping up the fear. Burn them all at the stake. Lethal injection in not an option for these fools. Destroyers of worlds, faith and love. Evil billionaire want us culled so they can enjoy a more controllable plane. Forever increasing the gap between those who have and those who dont. Love is the answer. Love will conquer all. Time is short and money talks. Fear is the mind killer. Be strong and love stronger.

    1. Only cowards are you with your mindless paranoia causing fear in others. Please go back to hiding under the rock you came from like the useless slug you are.

      1. Oh I see. You are both an idiot and a troll. Trolls commonly live under bridges or in parents’ basements. Which describes your living environment best?

      2. Being a father, my heart goes out to the mother in that video. The pain she’s in is more than any person should ever have to bear. That being the case, it’s hard to say whether her blaming the vaccine is based more on emotion or on rationale, as it could legitimately be either.

        You’re far too trusting of people who don’t care about you. A somewhat macabre past time of mine has been to read about the atrocities of those in power throughout history. This has shaped part of my world view; I never blindly trust that anyone in power has the well-being of the public in mind when they make decisions. Yes, sometimes they do, and I look for evidence of that because I would much rather see that nobody is trying to harm me and say everything is ok, but history has proven that I would be naive to let trust be my default setting.

        I pay attention to sources that I believe care about people, unhindered by obligations to those in power. This doesn’t always mean that what they say is accurate, so I have to weigh everything. Sadly, though I’ve watched for it, I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that the people in power right now deserve my trust. I’m inundated every day with three things: BS fearmongering, plausible notes of caution, and clearly true accounts that spell out, plain as day, that evil people in power are behind the many things that are wrong with the world right now..

        In the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve noticed that many have begun to wake up to the sad truth of the 3rd item in my list. It seems like you may be among the very last who do so.

        Based on your last reply to your detractors, should I expect any discourse between us to be similar to the GIF in this Twitter post?


      3. You are relentless Rog Whit. God loves you. We all make mistakes in life. I dont live in fear. Fear is what has gripped this plane of existence. The world we live in needs to cleansed. The men and women in high places have corrupted good people in our society. Love is the only answer. Universal Love. Love then peace then understanding. Hate drives us further apart. Hate has removed food from store shelves, hate has divided our nations. Love is the only way. God Bless you all.

    1. You are so right sister. Gov’ts only care about the people that invested in there agenda. The biggest Con in his-story is taking place. Most cant see it because they are blind. Spiritual and mentally. Cowards always fear they will lose something if they dont comply. Most men are scaried lil boys. Afraid to catch a cold or the sniffles. Please wake up. God bless you all and I love you.

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