15-Minute City Living Explained by Randy Hillier, Former MPP

15-minute cities are being promoted lockstep around the world, as convenient, community-oriented living. In this spoof “simulation” of a 15-minute city, Randy Hillier explains to me how they’ll look.

2 thoughts on “15-Minute City Living Explained by Randy Hillier, Former MPP”

  1. I like the 15 minute city for some, which one was JT and did he produce an egg, couldn’t of been JT there, you left the door open, he’d just lie and say I’m free to go and would fly off to an Asian country and take his and every bodies eggs with him, like he does with our tax paying money

    1. getting late in the game

      The three main political parties that have representatives in the House should all be living together in a 15 minute city.
      No more jetting to Costa Rica and Tofino,just getting 5 G’d until they are zombified corpses so that Canada can start again without them.
      For those that refuse,it is off to the Ukraine with the wicked witch of the Banderites. Problem solved. WEF traitors rounded up and served what they dish out.

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