Worldwide Freedom Rally 5 – Toronto, Canada (Full Live Presentation)

Join our live presentation of Toronto’s Worldwide Freedom Rally November 20, 2021.

Featured speakers include Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Guirguis and active duty police officers, Erin Howard and Clay Harnum, along with several others speaking for medical freedom of choice and restoration of civil liberties lost to unscientific and unconstitutional govt and public health policies.


3 thoughts on “Worldwide Freedom Rally 5 – Toronto, Canada (Full Live Presentation)”

  1. The people not coming to the rally are not conforming. They are doing other things to fight for their freedoms and or they are living freely.

  2. Vadja (Vladeta) Jericevic

    Unfortunately number of people coming to the rallies is lower as the time passes! Complacency and conformity is taking over! Canadians are not fighters and that is going to cost us! I am afraid that when winter comes, people may stop coming!
    Hope not!

    1. The people not coming to the rallies, are not necessarily conforming. There are other ways to fight for freedom.

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