7 thoughts on “Who Are Some of Your Favourite Experts Sharing Truth About Covid-19?”

    1. Oh god not another Rebel News goof. Ezra looks like a real life Peter Griffin. Rebel News is so right winged and full of BS.

      If boosters are necessary, so be it. It will keep everyone safe. I am a proponent of booster shots since this virus keeps changing. We need to be a strong as possible to fight off this infection. As this thing mutates those that willingly refused the vaccine will regret it as they fill up the hospital beds that are meant for more deserving people. If I had my way I say refuse hospital beds to those that did not get the jab! Better yet deport them out of society. They can all live in their non-vax utopia. I dont want to be near these goofs (I am not referring to those that refused for health or religious reasons, I understand that) Screw them, they want to endanger society and then want a hand out??? My tax dollars at work…being spent on ignorant pricks when more deserving people are denied health care. Makes me sick. I hope the laws get stiffer. If one of those unvaxx criminals spreads COVID to another, I say charge them with criminal negligence. 5-10 years in prison should make people WTFU!

      We need to Build Back Better, and you people are slowing human progress.

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