Toronto Educators File Criminal Reports For Coercive Vaccine Mandates, Ask Public to Apply Pressure

Educators from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) successfully filed criminal reports October 27, 2021, against all TDSB board trustees for their coercive vaccine mandates and violations of medical privacy.

The Attorney General is now in possession of the filed reports, including extortion, assault and harassment, and determining if they will pursue charges.

Jackson asks any affected TDSB staff to join their police report (TDSB File # 21-2065811) by calling 32 Division at 416-808-3200 and for the public to email their concerns to the Attorney General at The sample letter is included here.

45 thoughts on “Toronto Educators File Criminal Reports For Coercive Vaccine Mandates, Ask Public to Apply Pressure”

  1. What were you afraid of before covid? This ranting of your is taking up alot of your time. Come to a rally, meet some people, and have a respectful conversation.
    Take Action Canada posts lots of events.
    There is a rally Nov 19th 2021 at noon at 5050 Yonge Street for TDSB
    And the next world wide demonstration 5.0 is Nov 20th 2021 at a city near you.

  2. Rog Whit, lost his wits and bought into the program fully and completely. Take note folks, Its not the monsters one should fear, but the Rog Whits both numerous and most dangerous to mankind and freedom. Good luck Rog, I imagine you will retire spamming hate on this thread. I hope someday you learn why you think the way you do.

      1. Take a look at the Covid fraud- lawyers and medical Experts start legal proceedings against W.H.O AND WORLD LEADERS FOR CRIMES against Humanity Violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention and also of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV WHICH IS UNDER article 147 Experimental vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these international Laws

  3. Sadly, I got a call from Toronto Police Services telling me they were not investigating. This report is dead & will never see legal action. I am so dissatisfied with the way things are being handled. A huge thank you to the people who organized & made efforts to do the right thing. Let’s take it in stride and keep trying. If we give up, it’s over.

    1. No if you die of COVID…its over….the sad truth is even if you get COVID there is a strong change you will pass it onto someone else that will die and you will survive! Just like how many drunken drives get into crashes killing families and they walk away….its dam criminal!!!!

      1. People die every day. Covid is the flu. People die every year of the flu. Covid will never go away. Time to stop all this fear mongering. Wish people would wise up, this is not about a flu, but world control. Have you heard of WEF, Klaus Schwab, New World Order? Do some research.

        1. My guts say your right, there is no COV-19 just another strain or pathogen of the flue, just like there is no Vaccine, just a gene therapy. How we been fooled, now to get the world some what back to normal once the trash is taken out and put behind bars

    1. As they should. If you refuse for stupid reasons you should not be part of society, we dont want you!

      If I had my way I would press criminal negligence charges against the unvaccinated. Its no different than driving drunk! It is a very un-Canadian thing to do. Being Canadian is about being responsible and looking out for your fellow countryman. You are a bunch of selfish ignorant fools.

      1. The goal is to be healthy and have a healthy immune system. Many of us were blessed with naturally strong immune systems. We don’t get sick. We nurture our immune systems with good health, good exercise, fresh air, good thoughts and prayers. We don’t take experimental rushed to market pharmaceutical drugs which have side effect if there is a natural solution. There is always a natural solution, drugs are based on nature.
        I’m sorry Rog, that you weren’t born with a healthy immune system, or if someone somewhere along the lines convinced you not to trust it. If you find a naturopath, they can help you understand your immune system better.

      2. I’m sorry Rog if your feeling out of control. Turn off your tv and go for a nice walk in nature. Get off the internet and talk to people.

        ” According to the findings from a 1996 report, “immunization is not mandatory in Canada,” said the department’s Canadian National Report On Immunization. “It cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution.”

        1. See the talk from David Martin and maybe you will see what really took place, doesn’t look good for JT he’s a criminal

      3. Your very misinformed and full of hate and fear for no other reason then it’s been rammed down your throat by paid off MSM that this is the right thing to do! Do some research if your 2 shot didn’t kill you it might be the 3rd or 8th that will your destroying your own natural immunity. This injection is a bioweapon and your an experiment

      4. Wake up. No one is sick anymore and this is all about control. I was sick before with covid, just a strong type of flu. I was considering getting vaccinated, but many of my friends at work (very healthy before) got such severe side effects (paralysis, myocarditis, etc.) shortly after their vaccines that I said no way.

  4. I’m glad that the eyes are being opened, now the mouth needs the tape removed from who know the truth and are contributing to these crimes. My grandfather on one side of the family fought in World war 1, the other grandfather on the other side died early in life and my step grandfather that took the place of him fought in world war 1. My dad was in world war 2 and I have his 2 honor rewards hanging on the wall with his picture. I have to say I’m glad I never had to do what they had to do even though life itself met some matches of my own. Some of the serious close incidents through my life and some too close to death for me and others from lack of experience and common sense not thought threw which made me grow up fast. The one incident that just about caused 2 deaths was one that I had from knowledge and experience prior but I was a rebel to challenge it so I said nothing no more till the exact thing I was challenging prior happened and that person was the one that just about got killed, never held it against him but I think his eyes were opened. I’ll leave that at that but I seeing the ones that are in command for what ever their reasons are, something bad will open their eyes, maybe not today but it will come just as it came with me and others but it will come when you at least expect it. I’m not religious but do believe there’s something out there which I won’t talk about, but for those who think there above the lord (laws today) and he knows and they know who they are, it will catch up to you sooner or later” been there , done it , seen it , felt it and hated the guilt, even though I broke no laws. So those who know what is right and wrong reverse and seek honest advice because when it happens there’s no backing up and you will pay the price for rest of your life phycological of guilt even though I had engineers stand behind me after the incident, I should of taken the tape off my mouth and some of it wouldn’t of happened. I’m getting the same gut feeling and I’ll repeat gut feeling on these mandates for what I see and hear are gene therapy and not vaccines. Our leaders have not dug deep enough as far as I’m concerned other than tell us to do what they say. I need proof which I see whistle blowers as you call them start to give us the truth and remove that tape

    1. GFY Rog…you ignorant fool. Keep your ignorant opinions to yourself. The world doesn’t need ignorant waste of human flesh like you. You pathetic POS.

  5. I am going to be filing a complaint against my company with the Privacy Commissioner, under the Personal Health Information Protection Act. Everyone is able to file a complaint even if you have consented to disclosing your info. Laws under the act are very clear and companies will be on the hook for millions in fines if found in violation.

    1. Hello I am looking to do the same as I am pregnant and they are mandating me with deadline to get a shot . They don’t care at all about any risks.
      Thank you

    2. I would like to do the same if you have any tips. I am on unpaid leave for two months now.. Not willing to vax, test or mask for their agenda of depopulation, compliance, and making you sick and reliant on the medical system (pushing more drugs making big pharna rich which gives govt kick backs) for so-called health.

      1. Good, glad you are unpaid leave. At least there are ways to punish those that refuse the Vax. If pushing them into poverty is the answer so be it….I wish they would do more extreme measures such as pressing criminal negligence charges on people like you. I have a right to be safe in society and your ignorance puts that in jeopardy. Back in the day the government would do something about it…..toss you into a mental hospital!

        1. Rog, Who the heck are you and what planet are you from and what science are you following? Lol Oh right, 1984 group think paid-off puppet single narrative not open to open public scientific debate and no-immunuty big pharma science. Are you a close friend to Klaus Schwab, Event 201, Agenda 2020, 2030? A fan of a patented virus that has yet to be isolated or purified along with a supporter of a PCR test invented by Nobel Prize winner Kary B Mullis who advised it should NOT be used as a diagnostic tool yet here we are using the test from this scholar who was mysteriously bumped off in 2019.. Did I say that out loud? You are a fan of no freedom and instead a Chinese social credit system aren’t you Rog? If you care to debate scientifically, I have some residentt experts just waiting for you to raise your questions. How about it. Up to the challenge? If not educate yourself and turn off the mind numbing mainstream media. The Canadian Covid Care Alliance is a good start to educate yourself independently instead of believing what the govt tells you, then again I suspect you could be a paid schill. Prove me wrong. Looking forward to that intellectual debate Rog. Please reply!

        2. Government mandated drug injections … are you seriously that dumb? Wake up you moron. Or better yet, line up for more government mandated drug injections. Ignorant POS.

        3. I’m sorry you have so much anger in you Rog. You are safe Rog. Please work on your excess fear.

        4. You have a right to be safe from society, not natural causes of death. Covid, flu, pneumonia, cancer, heart disease (often self inflicted) and the list goes on are all natural causes of death. the weak, the elderly, the diseased (yes I will be one of them) all die of something. The healthy all die of something when they become weak/elderly/diseased. Get over it.
          You are not entitled to be ‘safe in society’ from natural uncontrollable causes. You are not entitled to be ‘safe in society’ no matter what the cost to other people.
          If you want to be safe, stay home, order online and leave us alone. You’re vaccinated, wearing a mask, stay 6 feet away, stay isolated and please stay away from me.

          1. Well put Mark: I didn’t think it was worth responding to a shepherd of his nature, yes I agree with staying away and I’ll leave it at that, he obviously hasn’t been reading or listening to the real health experts that we can call health experts and not the ones that are paid for what ever reason on their agenda, devolution best describes it and shame on those that lead and those that follow and feel sorry for the ones that fell in the trap

      2. Here are a few groups that can guide you and provide you with tools you can use. Action4Canada and Vaccine Choice Canada. Well done. Your efforts are appreciated.

      1. Starting a business is the better way to go in the long run for both people and the country. Monopiles that control an industry are never good.

  6. Governments are breaking laws set in place to protect our rights as citizens. GOVERNMENTS ARE BREAKING LAWS!!!

    1. Governments are there to protect its citizens but you people, and I mean YOU PEOPLE, refuse to acknowledge that. The Liberal government has had nothing but the best interests of Canadians at heart and protecting on them. You people are full of hatred and disrespect. Makes me glad you can’t go to a restaurant or pub because quite frankly I dont want to hear your Alex Jones tin foil hat conspiracy theories. I just wish you would all get deported into a nice little colony where all you tin-foil hatters can live in a bomb shelter utopia community away from the rest of society.

      1. I could be rude to the reply but will give some facts right about what this is really all about V.A. Shiva Ayyadyrai-Dr. Shiva even though he’s from the states but originally from India. He had a talk on the breakdown, not sure you have face book but this is where I received it and he did open up my eyes. He talks of the involvement of the corrupted wealthy and what there up to

      2. Dumbass, go on a comment stream with your fellow mindless, think less sheeples. Your stinking up this stream.

      3. Hey Rog,
        Russia, China, Cuba, Haiti, North Korea, apartheid South Africa, Nazi Germany. Just naming a few countries that didn’t/don’t protect their citizens. Once they did then they changed.
        Remember Rog, restaurants and pubs have no unvaxed CUSTOMERS, but the owner, wait staff, cook, dishwasher…. don’t have to be vaxed.

  7. I already told management where I work that my private medical information is none of our clients business
    If memory serves me correct, there are 29 federal & provincial laws & statutes protecting medical privacy & confidentiality?
    Please, keep in mind this is a risky & experimental medical procedure they are inquiring about
    Personally, I think we need some NUREMBERG style trials, ASAP
    I’m sick & tired of having my Charter Rights & Freedoms violated, supposedly over something akin to common influenza?
    Please, defend my Charter Rights

    1. Yeah well I have rights too! And one of those rights is to be safe in society. All you people are like drunken drivers on the road refusing to get the jab. I wish criminal negligence charges could be brought against all of you. Perhaps 5-10 years in jail will make you WTFU.

      1. Then stay home you F’n psychopath. Better yet, read a book on improving your health and well being and building a robust natural immunity. You are a true moron!

    2. Go to David Martin site, he explains everything and the sleeping that needs to waken up, take care Jason my prayers are for you

  8. Canadians that have died or been injured. 21 reports submitted so far. I know there are many we know nothing about. If you know any injured or who have had a family member who has died or been injured please let them know about this. The main stream media and gov do not want anyone to know about them. Their voices need to be heard.

      1. You dumbass. They don’t die from COVID-19. That finishes them off. The have pre existing drug or medical conditions made worse by bad diets and lifestyles. They were on their way to death. Covid sped up the process. Industrial drug based medical systems that only prescribe drugs for life DON”T work. They make people sick for life…side effects for life. Unnatural suffering caused by doctors that only prescribe drugs for everything. Leads to government mandated drug injections for life. Not going to happen in my life time! Only sheeples like you that can’t think for yourself will rejoice with more and more booster shots.

      2. Rog
        Get your third, forth and fifth vaxx. It’s your right. Please do so.

        In the meantime, I pray for freedom and justice.

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