Long Covid Caused by Covid-19 Vaccines?

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, wrote about a preprint paper by Dr. Bruce Patterson, MD, Virologist, that showed “the S1 segment of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is recoverable in human monocytes up to 15 months after the respiratory infection.”

McCullough continues, “Since we know the spike protein causes cell and tissue damage, blood vessel injury, and blood clots, it now makes sense that persistent spike protein in the body explains the “long-COVID” syndrome, which can last months after the respiratory infection. It is disturbing to think that the COVID-19 vaccines all cause the body to express large quantities of spike protein by design in the human body. After the respiratory infection, it probably takes months to clear the spike protein from the body after each injection.”

McCullough concludes that Covid-19 vaccines will lead to chronic diseases, “With everything we have learned over the last 18 months, it is not hard to imagine that the vaccines with regular booster programs will almost certainly lead to chronic diseases.”

Interview with Dr. Bruce Patterson discussing Long Covid.

3 thoughts on “Long Covid Caused by Covid-19 Vaccines?”

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    1. The only thing impacting the unvaccinated is a major case of stupidity and ignorance from watching too much X-Files and listening to Alex Jones.

      Its your duty to keep society safe, get the dam jab or get out of society! We dont want you around if you refuse the jab. If I had my way would deport those that refuse for reasons other than religion or medical. Send them to Afghanistan, lets see how they like it there. They could get beheaded by the Taliban for all I care, less morons in the world.

      We need to Build Back Better! The unvaccinated are slowing human progress.

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