11 thoughts on “Whistleblower ER Doctor Talks About Spike in Strokes After Vaccine Rollout & Increased D-Dimer Levels Indicating New Blood Clots”

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  2. Right on target article!


    An extremely informative video detailing the hypothesis and findings of Dr. Charles Hoffe. If what he says is true and I will be doing a video shortly on my extensive studying of what he states, then the vaccinated are doomed to premature death.


  3. Thank you Doctor. You are a woman of integrity. When you lose that, you lose everything, in my humble opinion. To paraphrase Dr Peter McCullough, these doctors who are blinding themselves to willfully maime and kill their fellow humans have a very very rough road ahead when the horrifying ramifications of what is being perpetrated on Humanity in this moment in history comes out fully. And it will.

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  5. These whistleblowers and woke people are seriously getting in the way of the moneymaking machines and other global dominant powers, the moment they are kicked out of the sheep pen to refuge with the so called conspiracy theorists, the sheep are comfortable because their perceived wolf threat is silenced, and they can carry on bleating with their kind. I met a mainstream media bimbo the other day at a party, she claims to have never heard of mRNA. Either she is a liar, or as I believe, just plain stupid. She understands only that the vaccine is to protect, and to minimise strain on medical system.

  6. David Mickalishen

    Thank you doctor for your compassion and integrity. Without a doubt those traits are what has given you true courage to speak truth. Praying for you. Praying that your actions will inspire others to do the same. Healthcare providers have the loudest voices that can stem the tide of tyrannical decisions. Blessings!

  7. It blows my mind that this person is considered whistle blowing when all they’re doing is presenting their findings. This is science; this is how science evolves.

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