“We’re in A Great Awakening” – Dr. Patrick Phillips (Full Speech)

On a cold November day, Dr. Patrick Phillips warmed the crowd at Worldwide Rally for Freedom 5 in Toronto’s Queen’s Park with inspirational words in this era of Covid-19 tyranny, “Things are gonna get crazy. Things are gonna get worse on some other level…But we’re in the Great Awakening.”

Dr. Phillips continued to cheers, “That’s what’s gonna change the world. We’re not fighting against something; we’re gonna create a better world here.”


4 thoughts on ““We’re in A Great Awakening” – Dr. Patrick Phillips (Full Speech)”

  1. Thank you Dr. Phillips
    Ive been put on leave on O ct12th. after 21 years of service. Thank you for all that you do and the inspiration you have. Its nice to see a doctor standing up to the truth.❤

  2. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Phillips. Among my medical colleagues, he stands as a beacon of light. And, he is speaking a deeper truth – that we are in the midst of an Awakening. Let’s focus on this and not on anger at the controllers of this planet. They cannot survive. But we can thrive.

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