Trudeau Defends Chinese Protesters, After Attacking Canadian Protesters

The mockery of justice, democracy and leadership that is PM Justin Trudeau continues, after he supported Chinese protesters, their human rights and journalists’ “ability to do their job” Nov. 29th. Trudeau’s lies are a daily slap in the face to all victimized by the intended divisiveness and derision of his mandates and hate speech and more so to those who go unaware, believing Trudeau is there for them and all Canadians.

6 thoughts on “Trudeau Defends Chinese Protesters, After Attacking Canadian Protesters”

  1. He villifies millions of Canadians for refusing to be used as lab rats, for being fed up with the lies, calls in thugs to quell peaceful protest, then has the unmitigated audacity to claim that he defends the right of Chinese people to protest the same policies, enacted by a regime he praises, days after committing perjury?!!! This level of hypocrisy is shocking. What a lying pos he is. Complete disgrace to our country. Turdeau must go!

  2. Hopefully JT respects the Chinese protesters so much that he allows them to immigrate to Canada. We could use more brave, intelligent & like minded people here.

  3. Turd's lips are moving

    85% of Canadians detest this hyocritical tyrant wanna be.
    The remaining 15% are moronic MSM devotees that are now triple jabbed and losing their frontal cortex’s.
    Nothing he says or does is in the interests of Canadians or a free and prosperous Canada.
    Traitor that needs to face a military tribunal.along with all WEF members that occupy Ottawa.

  4. Everyone deserves to do their own research and make their own decisions of what to do and what not to do and what to put into their body. The government works for us, and not the other way around. Of course, there are laws about bullying, abuse and the like. That’s the way it should be. And parents should be responsible for their children and nothing should be done behind their back!

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