[TRAILER] Pfizer’s Data Shows An Abnormally Long List of Adverse Events -Dr. Byram Bridle, Vaccinologist

Do you know how many adverse events of special interest that Pfizer’s 3-month Covid-19 “vaccine” trial data (below) showed?

Dr. Byram Bridle, Vaccinologist and Viral Immunologist, says the number is “huge…an abnormally long list.”


2 thoughts on “[TRAILER] Pfizer’s Data Shows An Abnormally Long List of Adverse Events -Dr. Byram Bridle, Vaccinologist”

  1. My mother died after she took the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I live in Kitchener Ontario. The Government wouldn’t even allow an autopsy even though I requested one be preformed repeatedly and actually argued on the phone in front of a police officer as a witness to the Chief Coroners Office in Toronto who wouldn’t even allow a Coroner or Pathologist to attend the Post Mortem scene, which is very standard practice, when the Emergency Measures Act isn’t being declared, but when it is, apparently all rules go out the window and you don’t have any rights to know exactly how a person died. Allowing them to kill tens of thousands if not in the hundreds of thousands. What I’d love to know is how many people ACTUALLY DIED that took the shot, and how much time passed between the two, to further substantiate my suspicions factually. But the Government would be responsible so they’ll NEVER RELEASE the information, even tho it TRULY IS AND SHOULD BE PUBLIC RECORD and covered under the Freedom To Information Act. But of course the corruption is astronomical currently. I was educated to be a police officer, so I know tons of different rules and laws regulating this kind of thing, such as the Chief Coroners Act. If anyone ever wants my input I am more than willing to discuss issues openly and accurately with anyone who seeks guidance or an honest opinion of wrongdoing that has gone on, and how I can prove it is wrong doing. But of course not a member of the Law Society in Ontario will touch a single issue due to the corruption form the top as well. It is astronomically sad and disheartening that our country has become this inanely, hypocritic oath neglectful!

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