[TRAILER] It Was Always About Maximizing Profits, Not Public Health -The Real Anthony Fauci

[TRAILER] In his 38-year reign as director of the NIAID, Dr. Anthony Fauci laid the foundations to put profits over the health and lives of people. This clip from the full interview with the publisher of The Real Anthony Fauci, Tony Lyons, and contributor/activist, Sofia Karstens, lays out Robert F Kennedy Jr’s best seller and its damning evidence of Fauci’s devastating playbook.

5 thoughts on “[TRAILER] It Was Always About Maximizing Profits, Not Public Health -The Real Anthony Fauci”

  1. The covid scam to kill off humanity and totally control what is left.
    I cannot believe people are so ignorant and docile that after two years they are accepting of what Trudeau,Tam and Freeland have done and are doing to this nation.
    6 million Canadians have lost their rights to freedom and the military injections roll out and onwards.
    This country is going straight down the WEF/WHO hell hole.

    1. Now look at what Quebec is doing, with their new bill they will alienate anyone who mainly communicates in society in English (not saying primary language as they could be immigrants). And I am sure Turdeau will defend that its not discriminatory racist…

      I think many people in Canada are sheep and want their freedom taken away. I tell them about the scary content in the Pfizer documents and they call me a conspiracy theorist and refuse to read it for themselves. What the hell is wrong with people??? I am starting to think people in general suck big time.

      1. Even anti-capitalist protests are happening in places like downtown Toronto and Montreal supporting Marxism. They want corporations to be government controlled and introduce universal income. Bunch of young university students being brainwashed by the left academics that have taken control our our educational institution. Almost sounds like something the WEF would be behind. Like creating a Hitler youth…

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