The Real Anthony Fauci – An Interview with Publisher, Tony Lyons, & Contributor, Sofia Karstens

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci, released November 26, 2021, instantly became a #1 best seller, but its explosive and damning contents exposing Anthony Fauci’s global stranglehold on medicine for profit quickly made it the most banned book in America.

Please join us for this exclusive interview with Skyhorse Publishing president and publisher, Tony Lyons, and contributor/activist, Sofia Karstens, as they discuss its contents and the challenges they’ve had in getting this monumental work out to the public, exposing the corrupt medical system engineered over 5 decades by who some call the most powerful and dangerous man in the world, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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4 thoughts on “The Real Anthony Fauci – An Interview with Publisher, Tony Lyons, & Contributor, Sofia Karstens”

  1. By the way, has seeing Jagmeet Singh get run out of town made anyone else want to move to Peterborough? 😀

  2. That was extremely prescient.
    Thanks for all your continuing efforts,Gord.
    The censorship in both America and Canada is extremely dangerous and ramping up.
    I hope your readers heard that bell ring.

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