(DRONE FOOTAGE) Toronto Protesters for Freedom Overtake Streets (2021.09.18)

Protesters for freedom overtook the streets of Toronto on September 18, 2021


Drone Credit: Ben Sharp (BrightLightNews)

6 thoughts on “(DRONE FOOTAGE) Toronto Protesters for Freedom Overtake Streets (2021.09.18)”

  1. Stand up canada. Take back canada from this ridiculous system. Get rid of the government seats and how many each party has. Our votes should count and determin who wins. That’s how parties should win, by our votes. Not by how many seats they have in the house. We will never get out of this crap cycle if this doesn’t change.

      1. Hi Roger,
        I’m sorry you don’t understand. How can I help you?
        Here you can search the word RISK, and learn about Absolute risk reduction vs Relative risk reduction. There is a PDF & a video that explains how both the vaccinated and vaccinated have a less than 1% chance of getting covid.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep it going people. More and more must awaken to the governments hidden agenda – and it’s big – that is happening to us all and fight for your future before it’s too late.

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