The Charter of Rights Vs. The Bill of Rights -Hon. Brian Peckford


A battle has long raged between people fighting to have fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms restored: which document underpins the supreme law of Canada? The Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Bill of Rights.

The Honourable Brian Peckford, last-living co-architect of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, explains the differences to settle the debate.

4 thoughts on “The Charter of Rights Vs. The Bill of Rights -Hon. Brian Peckford”

  1. Thank You. I have long believed these supported each other and was surprised to hear from STAND for Thee group, that Chsrter was not fully effective in court!? I appreciate knowing the difference.

  2. What a simple explanation. Federal means only FEDERAL; National means all of Canada including provinces and territories. Unfortunately our current FEDERAL government is trying to rule as though the Charter doesn’t exist. Hopefully our court system will set him straight.

  3. Yes, why make it simple if it can be complicated!
    Well, who is covered by “federal law”?

    Why isn’t this part of basic education?
    Silly question!
    How would the masses be manipulated if they new the law?
    Imagine just the simple “NO” would have stoped
    this C19 tyranny!

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