Reiner Fuellmich Responds to €1.35 Million Theft Allegation From Corona Committee

[ENGLISH SUBTITLES] Reiner Fuellmich left the highly visible and influential Corona Investigative Committee under controversial circumstances, having been accused by founder Viviane Fischer of stealing €1.35 million.

Fuellmich responded to the allegation by Sept. 21, 2022. The allegations have sent ripples through the movement of people trying to expose the false Covid narrative, as Fuellmich was seen as a hero promising a never-seen Nuremberg 2.0. [TRANSCRIPTION BELOW]

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  1. I have listened to Fuellmich’s newest explanations on Bitchute. I suggest all interested take a listen. With each new opportunity to be honest, he shows he is dishonest. His story keeps changing, if you follow the detail carefully. He is also now insisting that it was never the CIC task to initiate court cases or organise any type of trial, even though he was promoting and promising both the whole time. And SO many people were hoping. Trying to emphatically separate the two now is disingenuous, even if technically correct. All in all a man that can not and should not be trusted. Very sad.

    1. JB: – Let’s see you show us a video, with the exact time interval within that video, of Fuellmich explicitly promising that he would “initiate court cases or organize any type of trial…”. To my knowledge, he never did that. He did suggest, several times, that the best avenue would be for someone to file a class action in either Canada or the U.S.; but, he never even hinted that he would be the first attorney to do so.

      1. Das ist aber wirklich eine große Schade. Ich glaube dass dem Ausschuss diese Auseinandersetzung so sehr geschadet hat, dass er weiter nicht mehr bestehen kann. Ich bin nich nur sehr enttäuscht aber gleichzeitig auch sehr traurig. Ich bin sicher nich die einzige in der Welt die erwartet und gehofft hat diese kriminale Covid Organisation zur Recht zu bringen

    2. I agree. Mr. Fullmich always talked of a new Nuremberg. ALWAYS. I cannot quote exact posts, etc. And I did, BLINDLY believe. I feel like such a fool. AS most of us have during this entire ‘pandemic’ and the on going destruction of humanity. For this ‘man’ to help himself to funds donated by good people looking for the truth is despicable. He did say, ‘Ths money is ALWAYS available’. That he could return the funds at ANY TIME by selling his home, etc. So IS the money back where it belongs?? Reinet?? Sad thing is I am, as well, having a very hard time trusting ANY of these people supporting him on their platforms. Seems the entire internet is a giant ???
      Shame on you Mr. Fullmich. If you are this big fancy SUCCESSFUL attorney as claimed, you DID know better.

    1. Don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burnt. Touching that money was a HUGE mistake. Minimally knowing how it might have been viewed by the donor’s, he should have offered FULL disclosure and transparency BEFORE the scandal. If for any reason that was not possible but he felt the need to “protect” the money, several accounts in several countries.

      Investing it into homes, gold, books, business ventures outside the scope of this committee was reckless. If gold and real estate market crashed (which it already has started to) how would they recover OUR money and would they? I doubt it. RISKY and we did not sign up for risky.

      SHAME on Reiner. If he is honest and just that stupid, clearly he is not the David we need going up against Goliath as he will be chewed up and spit out like a wad of paper..

      1. I am not sure if you listened to everything R.F. said here.
        Both Reiner & Lilliana “touched” the money because the feared that the accounts might be seized! As it had happened to Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie e.V. -MWGFD = (Medics and scientists for health, freedom and democracy, registered association), a member being Sucharit Bhakdi btw, had been deprived of its status of “useful commonality”; and there was concern during that time that their and other accounts connected to resistance against the Corona measures would be seized.

  2. “The 700 and the 100.” WTF? Can’t you morons even write “700,000 Euros” or “100,000 Euros”?

  3. Silly people complaining about disunity when the facts, which are not yet clear, have so far established that Viviane Fisher has accused Reiner Fuellmich of a theft of over a million dollars, not $700,000. He has accused her of being a little girl, chaotic, with psychological problems, having a fake law office, and of taking $100,000 from the CIC account of which $30,000 remains unpaid.
    This is all good because we are not going to get anywhere by being hero worshipping fans. We must apply the same critical standards to those purportedly on our side as we do to the unspeakably evil architects of this deadly delusion.
    We don’t know how much the gold is worth and what happened to the profit they made on it.
    We don’t know the real name of Fisher’s boyfriend and the real name of his business.
    He, as well as Wolfgang Wodarg, ought to give their sides of this story.
    We don’t know exactly what Fuellmich did with the $700k. Did he pay off his mortgage?
    I’d like to see the tax returns, in Germany and America, for both Fuellmich and Fisher, as well as the CIC.
    Why didn’t Fuellmich make a video answering Fisher’s accusations,by himself, without a friend interviewing him, in English?
    Why did Fuellmich send thousands of dollars to his law firm?
    Why was Fuellmich fired from the CIC, and who did it?
    What was the real reason the two other original lawyers quit?
    Why hasn’t Fuellmich ALREADY filed a class action lawsuit in America?
    Why hasn’t the CIC published it’s findings?
    Is the book that was mentioned a compilation of their findings, or a more personal account by Fisher?
    Why is she the one responsible for paying the printer?
    Why is Fuellmich selling his home in Germany if he only intends to stay in America for a few months?
    Are there any donors that have contributed large sums, i.e., over $1000? Any over $5000? $10,000?
    Can their names be disclosed?
    When certain banks closed the CIC accounts, did they give warning? Did they appropriate any of the money? Wouldn’t that be illegal?
    All these questions have to be answered so that the public knows what in the hell happened.
    Truth is more important than unity built on a rotten foundation.
    The testimony of the experts still stands on its own merits.

    1. The facts remain he took money that wasn’t his to start with and used it to buy property- that is theft.
      In every country taking money from a client account (we the people being murdered by covid policies are the ‘clients’) is illegal.
      Fuellmich (and Fischer) must return all the money they stole with interest. Until they do we cannot trust either of them.

      1. FUELLMICH DID NOT STEAL, PLEASE HEAR BEFORE JUDGING – Many people here have not heard or read his side of the story, they just read others comments.

        Hi did not take money to buy property, they both took a cash reserve and sign a contract to pay it back, that is legal, he invested it in his house, which he was going to sell. Technicaly this is against the Comites rules, which says you can not make benefits, the rules they decided when they started, they both broke that rule, but it is not illegal, they both signed a loan to pay it back.

        Fuellmichs house has been on the market for some time so the Money will be in the Comitees soon.

        DA: “NO CAUSE FOR INVESTIGATION” – Fuellmichs said on a video message yesterday that the accusations are false and that the German mainstream media reported that Berlin DAs Office explicitly stated that “there is no cause for an investigation” against him. Unless there are more accusations from Viviane, that is it. From now on they go separate ways Viviane is now in control of the comitee and Reiner is creating International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC)

        1. OK then, it had to have been the english subtitle translation because I did not read that Reiner said all of that. Thank you for making this more clear.

    2. I like to add that the whole issue must be put in context, there was lots of preasure, their bank accounts where being continually closed, and they where worried that they would be without cash, thats why they both took a cash reserve, and is also the reason for investing in the gold – it was to have a cash reserve to be able to do their work, in case their accounts where canceled.

      Reiner says: “So we said, then we’ll take a little money out of there from the Committee’s account. She took out 100, I took out 700, not just like that, but with a loan agreement, so that the committee on the loan agreement in both cases can reclaim the money. I parked the money in the property with me. My property is sold for a price that clearly, well above the 700. That is, this store of value was always there”. — Fuellmich did not steal the money, the plan all along was that he was going to sell his house and pay it back.

    3. I must also add that the Comitee had a surplus of funds, so Viviane did not need to demand that Fuellmich paid back immediately or else he would be kicked out.

      Fuellmich could not pay back immediately because the store value was bound in his house. Then Viviane locked Fuellmich out of the Comitee, and made a public video about Fuellmich where she makes it sound as if he took the money and ran. — That was never the case.

      There might be personality conficts and disagreements that have build up between them the last two years they have been working together, that plays a role.

      Also what Viviane has got by kicking Fuellmich out is? full control of the Corana Investigative Comitee, the funds, the gold, and the full book copyrights – as she is the only founding-member of the comitee that is left of the original group of 4.

      Did this had an influence in Vivianes decision to accuse Fuellmich?

    4. If it makes any difference for you, for starters, the 700,000 was in euros, not dollars; and, is equal to $1,350,000. One euro is worth more than one dollar.

        1. Thanks…I certainly blew that one. I should have looked at the current exchange rate, before writing anything. — So help me out with this issue, if you can:
          I just listened again to Fischers video (see the relevant text I’ve excerpted below) and see that she’s apparently claiming that Fuellmich took 650,000 to 660,000 EURs for handling the emails of some email account, perhaps of an email account of his own and allegedly not of the CIC’s main email account. Added to that, Fuellmich took 700,000 EURs which he applied in some manner to his current residence in Germany; but which can’t be retrieved until that residence is sold. Apparently, the sum of the 650,000 EURs and the 700,000 EURS totals to the 1.35 million EURs “theft” claimed by Fischer.

          So, my problem with this is that the subtitle text of Fuellmich’s initial video response is horrendous…I tried to follow it for about 2/3rds of the video, but wasn’t in the mood to go any further; and, his subsequent explanation in the video linked by Peter, doesn’t offer an explanation for the 650,000 EURs allegedly invoiced by him.

          So, now I’m wondering whether there’s actually some misuse of funds by both Fuellmich and Fischer. Fuellmich for the 650,000 to 660,000 EURs invoiced for handling emails; and, Fischer for what some here state is 30,000 EURs she still owes from a 100,000 loan she apparently took, which Fuellmich suggest she may have paid back the other 70,000 EURs from a CIC book advance.

          Do you or anyone else understand the actual situation here. It seems that neither Fischer nor Fuellmich is being completely transparent here.
          Excerpt from Viviane Fischer’s video:
          Time = 4:36
          Well, now has come to light, unfortunately, that Reiner has been issuing invoices for his law firm, which did get payed (paid), to the amount of 29,750 EUR per month, including Value-Added-Tax and he did sign off for this himself, in conjunction with the accountant we employed at the time, which is a buddy of his whom we employed as an accountant. Upon request it became known… Reiner has said…that this money has basically been received for the handling of emails. Well, it is a fact that Reiner doesn’t have access of, or at least is not curating our email-account. We are talking about while instead the activities were directed towards the mail-account as an attorney. So it is an account of the attorney Reiner Fuellmich. So to me it is hardly conceivable that services to such an extent have indeed been rendered. It is to be feared that some of the money was for himself, or that there might have happened undue payment for the people involved.

          It is noteworthy that the mail-account for the committee for two years has been handled by a friend of mine for free; which means I was involved, and additionally were involved Wolfgang Wodard and Ulrike Kaemmerer, Martin [Schwab] has done a lot, Werner Bergholz and many other experts as well and other to which we distributed the mails, who volunteered without pay. At this moment, a friend of mine administers the account for 800 EURs per month. Yes, this shows there is an enormous sum of money which adds up over time to the amount of 650,000 or 660,000 EURs in total. That is a very substantial part of all of the money which the committee has received to do its work, and it should have gone towards the purpose of investigation, instead of handling emails. Time = 4:58 .

          Time = 4:58
          Well, and then there is another problem-zone, and this is after we had built a cash-reserve out of which 700,000 EURs were under Reiner’s control which should have been ready to be used at any moment. As it was revealed, when the committee was going to finance something for the Pathology Conference, it became clear that Reiner could not provide the money readily but according to his words, it was – and still is – invested in his house which means in the pay-off of loans, or other activities involving his house. I was really shocked,

          1. Financial Shenanigans! Maybe they’re grifters? Opportunists? Thieves?

            ANY intelligent, honest, transparent person of high moral integrity would NEVER have personally come 1000 feet near those funds in my humble opinion…minimally for the sake of optics not to mention the potential of giving the enemy a huge opportunity to turn anything into a scandal to harm our cause.

            Is Reiner an idiot to not know this was a possibility? His “explanation” was at best a visual defeat. ALL 7 tales of a liar multiple times throughout. If I was on a jury it would take me 5 min after hearing his “testimony” to call BS.

            Viviane…never liked her. I tried to argue with my instincts thinking smart people can be classless, look disheveled, and doesn’t speak English so she sits quiet but…there were other inconsistencies and in the end, I never liked her and minimally she should have avoided the spotlight in those hearings as she detracted from the visual.

            Back to Reiner…watched him about 20 times since his first N 2.0 and nothing changed, same speech, no real NEW news to report, just beating the same drum like it was the first time he had come out to explain his plan. The “Grand Jury” attempt was mediocre at best and a HUGE nothing Burger…zero teeth, zero traction.

            I would have expected REAL progress after the first 90-180 days. There is heaps of evidence, minimally the PCR to shut this entire sham down, that’s all one really needed, add a dash of the mask nonsense/BS.

            If Rand Paul was worth his salt, and he and Reiner worked together which should have been a possibility, the two had the juice to turn this quickly into an assault on Big Pharma, WHO and others.

            We have been coddled into ANOTHER false sense of well being…believing we hired/secured the “fastest gun in the west” to take out the bad guys. Reminds me of Bill Barr, John Duram and others…all fakes, all offering hopium while the bad guys continue to MURDER and HARM millions every day, seriously, MILLIONS!

            Will we ever in history find ourselves in a time where the slaughter of innocent men, women, children, our fighting forces were under a greater assault? I doubt it as the rend result will be the depopulation of billions of people in 1/2 a decade.

            SAD…Reiner at best imho is a shill, a turncoat, a liar. Those funds, if really under jeopardy should have been distributed into half a dozen accounts or trusts in as many countries.

            NEVER EVER tied to ANY personal draws, gold, books, homes…this is like out of a freagin movie the audacity these two morons displayed as they used our money, large portions, for personal gain. The billing, reminds me of our gov’t, buying arms from IMC, over inflated, skimming off, kickbacks, whatever, clearly using his law firm to bilk money from the funds intended to be used to SAVE HUMANITY and not to line their pockets.

            I hope their names are forever recorded in SHAME and many of the deaths we see are also attributed to these two despicable MORONS!

            Time to move on, forget these idiots…they stole and or misappropriated something much more valuable than money, the STOLE time in a battle where lives were lost for every second wasted.

            SHAME ON REINER! He knew better or he’s a bigger idiot than Viviane.

    5. Well said. He’s shady as heck. I read this on one of these ‘stop world domination’ websites: ” I called Reiner, and we had a good conversation. He assured me that the allegations are entirely false. This was confirmed by the Berlin District Attorney who publicly stated that there is no reason for an investigation. Several psychologists also weighed in on the situation, expressing concerns about the mental well-being of the accuser.”
      So Reiner has already spoken to a few buddies who proceeded to denigrate Viviane. The Berlin District Attorney said there’s no reason for investigation… come again? Why? That’s a pretty serious accusation Viviane made involving a hefty sum. “Psychologists expressed concern about her mental well-being”? Did they examine her? Would these psychologists happen to be his buddies as well? This is bargain-basement levels of low. Shameful and more proof that where there’s disaster there will always be grifters.

  4. Vivian has been compromised ! “They” want to stop Reiner from proceeding and this is the way ” They “do it. Keep going Reiner , don’t let them get to you. Vivian will disappear and it’s high time , I never liked her !

    1. Reiner has made a great contribution so the people can better follow the situation as he builds his case, he has brought top witnesses and evidence. Any lawyer in the world can use this material to build a case. I think his new broader case against system corruption is a great development.

      The transcript is a bit difficult to follow sometimes, but I tried to make a little resume about Reiners response to Viviane

      In the video Viviane says that according to our statuses none of us may accept benefits. And that:
      1) Reiner issuing invoices for lawfirm 29.750 EUR per month. That adds over time to 650.000 EUR in total.
      2) That after they had build a cash reserve, Reiner took 700.000 EUR under his control, which he invested i his house.
      3) That Reiner want sell his house and relovate to USA.

      Her video gives the impression that Reiner took the money and ran. Viviane Fischer is now in full control of the Corona Investigative Comitee, their funds, investment in gold, and the the full book copyrights. Her accusations might be an excuse to kick Fuellmich out so she has full control.

      1) ABOUT THE INVOICES – Reiner says the expense lump sum of 23.500 € was for the entire firm structure, plus a travel expense, and that she knew that all along. That everything is included in the financial statements, and she signed those statements. That some months after the account was taken by Viviane, Reiner was told “your law firm’s legal fees can’t be are no longer paid, because we have fewer donations receipts. Because the money is needed for the important projects”.

      2) ABOUT REINERS 700 AND VIVIANES 100 — Reiner says there was a suspicion that the accounts had been seized, so that they were no longer able to pay for their tasks, so they build a cash reserve. “So we said, then we’ll take a little money out of there from the Committee’s account. She took out 100, I took out 700, not just like that, but with a loan agreement, so that the committee on the loan agreement in both cases can reclaim the money. I parked the money in the property with me. My property is sold for a price that clearly, well above the 700. That is, this store of value was always there”. — Fuellmich did not steal the money, the plan all along was that he was going to sell his house and pay it back.

      On the other side, there are no securities with Viviane, which can be considered a store of value, she borrowed the money for herself. That she paid 70 of the 100 back in order to become clean so she could accuse him of the 700. And Reiner suspects that she took the money out of their presales book with their story, money which was meant for printing the book.

      3) NOT RELOCATING TO USA, JUST WORK THERE FEW MONTHS – Reiner says that selling his house was part of his plan, and that its no secret that he wanted to work in USA a few months. That Viviane makes it sound like he took the money and ran. That there never has been a liquidity crisis in the Corona Committee.

      I think that part of the problem is their personal differences. Reiner tells that he was disatisfied with Vivianes work, that he did most of the work himself, that emails and phone calls where not aswered timely, and that she never completed registration of the company. That she had lofty projects as to what to use the money for, for example starting a hospital, and radio channel, projects that where announced but never completed.

      Most people have not even heard Reiners side of the story because the IT person from the Corona Comitee locked him out of his telegram account. It is fair that Fuellmich also has a chance to tell his side of the story. Lets see if Viviane responds to Fuellmich which says Viviane knew that all along, she signed the financial papers, and the both made contracts in paying back the cash reserve the pulled out from the Comitee funds. If Viviane knew that, and it was all legal and signed, why does she make it sound that Reiner took the money and ran? did she want full control over the comitee and its funds?

      TELEGRAM CHANEL? – He says he will be setting up a new telegram account and will be back with information. The problem is that there are several fake acounts, the two accounts german and english Reiner had are now under the control of Viviane. And there are other 5 telegram accounts which are fake. If anyone finds the new chanel please inform

    2. NEWS FROM LAWYER REINER FUELLMICH: A Statement regarding the events of the past few weeks

      News from Reiner in the video below. He says the accusations are false and that the German mainstream media reported that Berlin DAs Office explicitly stated that “there is no cause for an investigation” against him.

      Here is my comment to the accusation from Viviane Fischer. If you heard Fuellmichs response, you will know he said it was all legal and signed and she knew that, it was always the plan he would sell his house and pay back his part of the cash reserve, there where a surplus of fonds. If Viviane knew that, and it was all legal and signed, why does she make it sound that Reiner took the money and ran?

      Its an interesting chain of events, when Fuellmichs bank account was canceled she took over the comitees account, then she would not pay Fuellmichs company invoices anymore – money for the firm structure -, then she demanded that gold be held in a security firm. Then she paid back 70 of the 100 she owed – Fuellmich suspects she paid it back so she could become clean in accusing him of the 700, and that she paid back with the book presales, money that was meant for printing the books.

      Why would Viviane suddenly demand that Fuellmich paid back? And then made a video which gives the impression that he stole the money and ran? why? Her accusations might be an excuse to kick Fuellmich out so she has full control.

      The facts are that Viviane Fischer is now does have full control of the Corona Investigative Comitee, their funds, investment in gold, and the the full book copyrights. Her accusations might be an excuse to kick Fuellmich out so she has full control.

      Reiner now alone he will be creating an ICIC. International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC), he says broadening the scope to look at all parts of the Great Reset, including the Ukraine crisis, global warming, breakdown of supply chains, etc.

      In my opinion Reiner has made a great contribution so the people can better follow the situation as he builds his case, he has brought top witnesses and evidence. Any lawyer in the world can use this material to build a case. I think his new broader case against system corruption is a great development. I find these good arguments in favour of Reiner.

      Until now Fuellmichs telegram accounts had been under Viviane Fischers control, and he had not had possibility to comunicate. The telegram accounts german and english are now back in his hands.


  5. Reiner said he took 700K. invested it into his personal home. that’s stealing donations intended for the work. STEALING. Next he wants to move to USA because he sees $$$$ in a class action lawsuit. Not because people are dying, he actually said that. But for those who have injuries, he wants a PIECE of the American Pie! This man is a snake. A lawyer. Charging by the hour for half 660K and outright stealing the rest 700K. No more donations for this committee. AND REINER< stay the hell out of America. Stay in Germany. WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE!

    1. Kimberly,
      FYI: Fuellmich owns a ranch in northern California; and, for the past twenty-six years, has been licensed to practice law in that state, as well as in Germany.

      I’m holding off on making any judgement, until we either get an accurate German to English translation of this latest video, or until he comes forth with a concise statement in English. Having a graduate diploma in accounting and a graduate degree in taxation, I’m particularly interested in exactly what he’s done with the funds. I want to hear it from him. I’m somewhat skeptical that he is in such dire financial straights that he needed to “borrow” the funds for “personal use”. I’m wondering whether the suggestion that there will soon be bank bail-ins globally was a factor in whatever he decided to do.

      However, I do admit that his countenance during the video was somewhat disturbing.

      1. Clearly his own video gave the appearance of guilty but worse, there is no room for what he did in these times. There are no safe places to park the $$$ but same breath you don’t offer yourself interest free loans without minimally FULL DISCLOSURE to the members to ensure we understand and this type of speculation has no teeth.

        To me, it appears, they saw all this cash and helped themselves for profit.

        UK is so terrible the banks refuse to make mortgages. It’s all a house of cards that can come down while we are sleeping, real estate is not immune. Gold just dropped from 1950 to 1650.

        I totally agree, where does one park the money especially if the banks are part of the global cartel and want to silence people like us. At that point one or two persons cannot make decisions without disclosure.

        It’s a dirty situation but using it to purchase a personal home…not so sure that was a great idea either, homes are not very liquid, in many countries it’s 90 days from contract to cash.

        I just did not like what either said or how they said it. If he was clean, showing us the contract and maybe some interest paid on it would have looked a little more legit.

        I saw two people who got greedy and are arguing about using/controlling our money which never was rightfully theirs for these types of investments.

        And honestly, in all my years, I can say, 95% or more of the attorneys I met are just want to be politicians aka dirty dogs in it for themselves.

        Finally…I feel he misled up with the trial as well as progress. If that was my assignment I would have produced some tangible results by now or never have taken the position.

        Heavy weight int’l attorney 2 years later, billions more lives infected with the deadly bio weapon, time was clearly of the essence and I feel the sense of urgency was lost about a year ago.

        We have had a crap load of disappointing front men defending our health, republic, etc from Bill Barr, John Durham, even rfk jr. The last thing we needed was this to give us no satisfaction.

        Waiting for billions to die to have the traction for a trillion dollar lawsuit…that may not ever find it’s way into the courts…another bad day for all of us trying to find a way out of this nightmare 🙁

    2. Sounded like they were afraid the committee’s funds would be frozen/stolen (Canadian truckers etc) therefore they were used to buy gold. The gold needed to be in someone’s possession (outside the corrupt banking system), that was for Reiner to arrange, but for protection of the donor’s funds, he granted a mortgage in his house to the value of the gold to the committee for security. That means the committee can take his house to obtain the funds back, if he did not return the gold. His house equity was way above the 700k therefore there was no/negligible risk to the donated funds. So it seems to me it was a prudent setup to protect the donors funds from the very real risk that unfriendly financial entites might have frozen it. That is how it sounds to me, although I have not listened to everything here. I am a longstanding qualified accountant and I highly doubt he has stolen the funds and I think one has to carefully understand the financial and legal structure here before jumping to conclusions.

    3. Did you hear Fuellmichs response, he said it was all legal and signed and she knew that. Lets see if Viviane responds to Fuellmich which says she signed the financial papers, and the both made contracts in paying back the cash reserve the pulled out from the Comitee funds.

      If Viviane knew that, and it was all legal and signed, why does she make it sound that Reiner took the money and ran? did she want full control over the comitee and its funds?

      Its an interesting chain of events, first she demanded that gold be held in a security firm, then after Fuellmichs bank account was canceled she took over the account, then she paid back 70 of the 100 she owed – Fuellmich suspects she paid it back so she could become clean in accusing him of the 700, and that she paid back with the book presales, money that was meant for printing the books.

      Was she waiting until she got control of the gold and the comitees bank account to accuse Fuellmich that he had invested the cash reserve in his house? Fuellmich sais there never was a liquidation problem, there is surplus of funds, and the gold. Why would Viviane suddenly demand that Fuellmich paid back? Oportunity? And then made a video which gives the impression that he stole the money and ran? why?

      The facts are that Viviane Fischer is now in full control of the Corona Investigative Comitee, their funds, investment in gold, and the the full book copyrights. Her accusations might be an excuse to kick Fuellmich out so she has full control.

      1. Significantly, in her video statement, as has been pointed out by another commenter in this thread, Fischer did not disclose that she had borrowed any funds. That fact alone suggests that Fischer is not being aboveboard with us.

  6. Lot of judgment here. We should really wait and see how it pans out.
    There is no way Fullmich committed petty embezzlement. He could have made this much easily working as a lawyer, so why would he?
    Just wait, it will become a lot more clear when they make more official statements.

    1. Exactement! Avec toutes les affaires qu’il avait en tant qu’avocat, il devait déjà avoir de belles sommes. Peut-être qu’il a voulu sécuriser l’argent dans des biens car comme nous le savons tous… les banques vont tomber tôt ou tard et on aura plus rien sur nos comptes. On ne lit pas autant de commentaires négatifs sur la BCE, L’UE et nos gouvernements qui nous volent ouvertement! Et là personne ne dit rien. Un homme qui met sa vie et celle de sa famille en danger avec toutes ces révélations et tout ce travail mérite bien un salaire! Au pire il se paie! Que dire de ceux qui sont entrain de tout nous prendre????

    2. If he is doing so well why would he ever take a chance and “borrow” money from a fund clearly not intended to be used as an interest free slush fund for personal loans? HE of all people knows exactly how this looks…and depleting that fund to ZERO, using it to purchase a home during a time where the entire economy is a house of cards and the home could lose 80% of it’s value in days/weeks/months, basically placing those funds at risk…they both had fiduciary obligations/responsibilities to avoid ANY type of shenanigans which could or would be seen as inappropriate. Minimally, if they were going to take loans from those funds, they should have FULLY disclosed it to ALL members, FULL DISCLOSURE. Making secret agreements, loans for anything, contracts which could disappear…seems beyond inappropriate.

        1. Exactly….possible the lions share of the funds raised for our defense/attack.

          Any decent well meaning intelligent honest person would NEVER have gotten 10 feet close to those funds. They’d be locked up tight maybe in a few different countries/accounts and liquid.

          Buying a home he would profit from was a risky investment, the book deal and gold, more risk. The money he’d make in US court class action would potentially be BILLIONS, that and he would go down in history as the man who organized the defeat of this genocide. And yes, of course he should be well aware the danger as well as the fact any tiny resemblance of an inappropriate financial transaction WOULD be his and this efforts death so again, even more reason to be EXTRA SQUEAKY CLEAN!

          Sadly all my years in business I have been forced to look thieves and liars in the eye during prosecution, he had ALL the tales of a liar throughout that video, that’s what concerned me the most meaning, what else, what else has he done to us?

          Everything he uncovered or shared, it was all out there and more. I’m nobody and I knew/know more and could as easily have shared that. His big trial, a waste of time. We have real problems and real threats and he abused our trust by using most his time to create the illusion he was actually taking this somewhere when in fact he took us to the Nothing Burger restaurant.

          F Reiner. Sorry folks but he did not act in good faith with impeccable money management of the funds solely earmarked for this project. WTF would he first of all even need to borrow our money? That sends an alarm. Put himself out there as the man who destroyed VW and
          Deutsche Bank, he made more there than you or I in 20 lifetimes. And again, ANY honest man FULL of integrity never would have touched a dime knowing this had a high potential for looking bad. If he needed it, HE should have asked US or minimally made a HUGE and transparent public disclosure, a clear contract, explanation, and given a few weeks to hear from anyone who donated a chance to agree/disagree.

          The entire deal looks sneaky…two greedy little rats grabbing money which was not theirs in the dark of night.

          SAD. Very sad…he had great potential, but then so did Bill Barr, John Durham and many others who surely F’ed us over 🙁

          1. The book deal and gold sounds so many levels of wrong. Maybe he was sent just to spread hopium. The whole mock trial thing sounded like something out of left field or further. I didn’t listen to it. Anyone notice Alex Jones has a book out, the Great Reset….I guess he is piggybacking off of Klaus Schwab’s book title. Hey plebs, you may all be going down but as long as I can get richer..who cares. Disgusting. Yes, Virginia, there are still somethings, people should be ashamed of.

          2. Cindy,
            96 percent of the 1,429 global ratings of Jones’ book on Amazon are 5 star. The 1, 2, 3 and 4 star reviews are 1 percent each. If you are going to dump on it, you should at least have read it, to be sure you know what you are talking about.

        2. “Admits to it”…like walking in the chicken coop and the fox has a chicken in it’s mouth…what else was he supposed to do at that point, he was caught red handed “borrowing” our money, apparently interest free, on risky investments…we all know the great reset has the potential to implode EVERYTHING and bring the value to ZERO.

          As we speak UK banks will not lend on ANY mortgages…they’ve shut down home loans, that tell you anything?

          They minimally took risks/chances with our money not to mentioned have not stopped the machine which EVERY DAY continues to inject millions globally by force/coercion/mis-truths aka killing millions while these two ass hats clown around and endangered if not totally F’ed up this movement.

          SHAME ON THEM BOTH – I hope they go down in the books as 2 more evil greedy people who turned to fraud when the world needed them most. There was ZERO transparency regarding these “loans” which AGAIN, were VERY inappropriate.

      1. You missed the rest of the words … “as a cash reserve”, because they where constantly closing their accounts, they both took a cash reserve, just in case – that is what Fuellmich said. I dont think he expected that Viviane wanted the money back so soon, because they have a surplus of money they could pull from, and the gold.

        The fact is that now Viviane has total contral of the Corona Investigative Comitee, the funds, the gold, and the full book copyrights with their story. Maybe her accusations where a way to kick Fuellmich out and gain full control of everything.

        Another part of their story is their personality differences

      2. – which he will pay back upon the sale of said house. All above board and pre-agreed. You sound most bitter towards RF. Why?

  7. Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha you all deserved this you fucking dumb shits. Who would’ve thought this would happen? Everyone except you fucking dumbass sheeple. Wake up!

      1. Well, if the fake “court” theatre he put on didn’t make you guys see how fucking dumb you are, hopefully this will.

        1. EXACTLY…just another shill, Bill Barr, John Durham, Simon Parks, etc., etc. Mr Successful has to borrow our money interest free to buy a home? He DRAINS the account, every dime, and uses it to purchase a home as we are on the brink of a total financial collapse? I never cared for her and after about 6 months of him spewing the same stuff and ZERO traction…it was clear, he was either compromised and or set before us like many others to pacify us, lull us into a false sense of security as we sat and handed him our money and lives to help us fight the evil. F Reiner…he should have known better, he did know better, and this is how he respected our trust 🙁

          1. Why you guys trusted this guy in the first place is baffling. These people are exploiting you people living in a made up paranoid fantasy world they helped creating. Start by helping yourselves and get some therapy. Then there won’t be a market for snake oil salesmen.

          2. The only one living in a fantasy world are those who argue with their instincts, refuse to see the censorship, have no ability to delve into CDC, FDA “studies” and are unable to understand the data coming from countries with high vax rates matched/coinciding with massive excessive sudden adult mortality rates among the 2x, 3x and 4x jabbers.

            Like donating to a biden, sanders, or trump campaign, we are trying to find someone to support to stop this absolute clear insanity enabled by morons like you and fueled my msm misinformation and censorship but clearly that’s too muc for your pea sized brain to understand.

            Go 2x on your face diaper, get the next experimental deadly jab and move on troll.


  8. Immediately Reiner: an english response ( the translation was horrific)
    Agree( both of you) to an independent review of finances with public assessment of same published
    Continue work of committe: the importance of task is above individual pettiness
    A joint statement post mediation would facilitate continuation of the work

    People believe in you and the process- GET BACK ON TRACK– WEF loving every minute of this

  9. Reiner…I’ve said it for about a year, a SHILL, another Barr, Durham, etc. Our “great hope”. I am SHOCKED to see he would act so stupidly publicly. Taking those finds were pure WRONG. It was a deception and betrayal of public funds/trust for a global genocide.

    As far as I am concerned, he is as guilty and the NWO if not more for using ANY funds raised to save our fk’ing lives for anything personal and he is clearly smart enough to have realized how ALL this would minimally be perceived if word got out what he had done.

    Reiner, SHAME THE F ON YOU! You are yet ANOTHER great disappointment in this entire scheme to F over humanity.

    You could have had the largest class action suit in the US. I will never support you again, in fact, I will make sure you are exposed for the fraud you and Vivenian clearly are.

    Neither of you had rights to those funds. Once again this is a case of the foxes “guarding” the hen house.


    Burn in hell, all of you, BURN IN HELL!!!

    1. I agree somewhat to your analysis of Reiner, it was a HUGE disappointment in how he handled this whole affair, he should never have dipped into the corona committee fund for his own purposes…I never saw this weakness in him before. He is a lawyer after all and they are all suspect anymore struggling to keep their gigantic mortage payments and $80K Porshes…. That said, I believe he can redeem himself by returning ALL the misappropriated funds to their rightful place WITH INTEREST. If he does not do this, he is nothing more than a small time thief and should be judged as such. His rambling, non-sensical explanations seemed to indicate (to me) his GUILT.

      1. EXACTLY…Mr Big Shot with VW and the bank and he has the audacity to borrow that money like it’s his and hers personal slush fund for interest free loans for homes which according to him gained value, her gold and book deal. What if gold hit 1200/oz and the housing market CRASHED? It doesn’t matter though, a good/honest man NEVER would have set foot near those funds. MINIMALLY he should have FULLY disclosed those financial improprieties by stating “hey group, FYI, we have some cash sitting here and we are going to borrow it for personal gains” and we’ll pay you back, blah blah blah. They didn’t because they knew FULL WELL it was not appropriate. His interview was a clear indictment of his crimes and lack of belief as to what he did was proper. SHAME on him…using funds earmarked SOLELY for combating the great attempt to murder billions and treating that money in such a nonchalant manner. NEVER trust an attorney as most politicians started out as useless attorneys.

        1. Did Fuellmich actually state that his investment of the 700,000 euros was for his personal investment, and that any capital gain would not be returned to the CIC; or, are you simply imagining this?

          1. Ed, clearly there was NO full disclosure on his part. HE never mentioned paying interest in his statement and has not produced the doc regarding the loan which again, never should have happened. Personally, I would NEVER have “borrowed” a dime, minimally for the sake of appearances, nor “invested” that money as all investments carry some degree of risk and truthfully/honestly, that was not THEIR money to risk.

            Me personally, if I was DUMB enough to use those funds for MY RE purchase I would have given FULL disclosure in an act of transparency to avoid this kind of speculation/perception. He’s NOT a 15 year old kid with the keys to someone else’s money for the first time, he is supposed be a well versed businessman/attorney, capable and well versed in avoiding the scrutiny of potential wrong visuals and in this case, he should have held himself to the HIGHEST standards of fiduciary conduct.

            Why would you defend this guy? Are you naive? Are you Reiner? A family member? I saw the video and it had all the tales of a liar and all the optics of someone who did wrong/acted inappropriately. If that was me, first thing, a copy of the loan agreement, second thing, funds immediately given back to a trust account but…again, if that was me, I NEVER would have allowed this to happen, never would have borrowed a dime or allowed anyone else to…clearly, it appears these 2 used those funds like they were theirs, treated the account like a zero interest slush/loan fund. I love to see details of his invoices for the admin, I’d love to see full account info for income/expenses, at this point I’m pretty sure they RUINED the foundation and if they were ever going to help us stop this madness/genocide, the momentum and trust is GONE!

    2. Reiner’s logic appears rational. At any moment the German government could have seized their funds so they jointly decided to loan the funds. In Reiner’s case, asset backed, but in Viviane’s case to pay bills! I never liked her, falling asleep during critical interviews, unbalanced and unprofessional- I always wondered why she was even there and seemed like some sort of administrator. I fully support Reiner. He is a good man, a smart man. Shame on you for your assumptions.

      1. Well observed… agreed! (PLUS the weirdest choice of appearance, as someone in the comments said: she looks like an Agatha Christie character (caricature) LOL…and probably turns out to be the culprit!!) Let’s keep our Intuition, (now uncommon) Common Sense and our Sense of HUMOUR – and we can’t go wrong LOL

        1. I must’ve missed Reiner’s explanation of “they jointly decided to loan the funds” with all of his rambling. Maybe I should listen to him again. Not sure why the German gov’t would have confiscated their funds but maybe this was a legitimate concern. I refuse to give up on Reiner. I still think he could’ve handled the interview better and chosen a better time to do it. He looked exhausted.

      2. I’m with you Sarah. A public spat of this nature is very damaging to everyone and the cause.
        Personally I don’t see Reiner as a thief, especially for such a paltry sum. Seriously, he would jeopardize everything for such a small amount?
        Viviane ambushed him, and that is suspect.
        Still, when all is said and done, I think they must be exhausted by all the great work they have done, and people do dumb things when they are burnt out. Take a break, both of you. Disclose the financial dealings. Come clean, please.

  10. Ich hatte es mir schon immer gedacht, dass Viviane Fischer unkoordiniert, unstrukturiert arbeitet. Es gab ja genug Gelegenheiten, sie zu beobachten und sie hat aus ihrer Meinung zu verschiedenen Themen nie ein Geheimnis gemacht.
    Ich denke, dass sie letztlich eine von diesen vielen “Alternativen” ist, dass sie im Grunde tief-grünen und sozialistischen Ideen anhängt. Das Gleiche gilt auch für Wofgang Wodarg, hier allerdings mit der Ausnahme, dass Dr. Wodarg vermutlich hart gearbeitet hat in seinem Leben und allein schon deshalb weiß, worüber er spricht. Dr. Füllmich dagegen wirkte auf noch immer sehr bodenständig und zuverlässig. Er scheint keinen grün-sozialistischen Ideen anzuhängen, sondern vertritt realistische Standpunkte. Zudem hat er die Sachlage einleuchtend und nachvollziehbar geschildert. Aus diesem Grund glaube ich nun IHM und nicht Viviane Fischer.

  11. You’re spot on Francis, I knew from day one it was going nowhere. As you say, the whole system has to come down. The NWO is the BRICS Alliance, straight out of the Rockefeller playbook.

    1. This was all a part of the script. They have people all over to be our “heroes”. This keeps people placated thinking someone else is fixing things. This signals a next phase as does the death of the Queen of the NWO. We are our own saviors. No one will come and fix things. We must take responsibility.

  12. The credibility of the CIC now has been severely hampered by this public outburst. Giving a huge victory to the detractors and undermining all the amazing experts that have been involved. If this situation could be remedied I don’t know. Do I feel a bit betrayed? Yes.. I thought this committee would be above the villains they highlight.
    I want.. No demand an arbitration of sorts and a joint public statement that all has been corrected and dealt with and investigations continue.. Or the whole thing will unravel.

    1. I believe the findings about Covid to be true it is killing and maiming people. The issue is not about that the issue is about this man stealing the money and if the CIC is credible. So that makes the issue about his trustworthiness. The pandemic is a fraud the vaccine is a bioweapon, and it is all part of world domination. That whole agenda will come down one way or the other because it has no substance it is built on a shaky foundation and the truth will out for sure and they are going to be in trouble the more that they expose themselves. I am not worried about this – we go on and we do not lay down. Victory to the light!

    2. The CIC is not the only avenue. Witness Aaron Siri’s recent results for Del Bigtree’s ICAN via Siri’s new approach to FOIA requests for proof from the CDC to back up claims the CDC has made:
      1.) CDC unable to provide any support for its claim that COVID-19 vaccines “do not change or interact with your DNA in any way”
      2.) CDC unable to provide any support for its claim to the public: “FACT: COVID-19 vaccines do not create or cause variants of the virus that causes COVID-19.”
      3.) CDC did not have a single study showing the vaccines given during the first year of life do not cause autism.
      4.) CDC concedes it lacks any proof of Hepatitis B being transmitted in school.
      5.) CDC concedes never conducted vaccinated versus unvaccinated study.

      Additionally are the lawsuits by Renz, Martin’s group, and others. If anything is going to unravel, it will be the CDC, NIAID, NIH and HHS.

  13. Didn’t watch all of it…watch some of both…..I didn’t hear or see where Vivian had a paper or electronic proof for her claim….does she? should have sometime of proof to make a claim like that…js

  14. The lasting value of the Corona Investigative Committee lies in the expert testimony. That’s it. We come away with the information provided by those experts. There never was going to be a “Nuremberg 2.0”, which was sheer fantasy from the beginning and one that no one should have fallen for, not because such a trial isn’t necessary or deserved because it is both. But such a trial requires authority and power. Those with the authority and power to hold such a trial and issue sentences are the same people that brought us the crimes against humanity that would be on trial. There is no independent, powerful body with the authority to adjudicate the charges that are not perpetrators of the crimes. Furthermore, the vast majority of our institutions participated in the crimes or, at the very least, aided them. Even if we could hang those who organized the crimes, we would be left with the terrifying knowledge that 60-80% of the western population participated in it to some extent. We now see at a global level what the Asch Conformity and Milgram Experiments showed us so long ago.

    1. So true William!

      The history repeats itself.
      Nuremberg one let most criminals go free.
      “I was just following orders” worked.
      The head of Pfizer already used the term.

      Sad times, thanks to silent complying majority.

    2. Correct. Fuellmich never promised a Neremberg 2.0. From early on, his suggestion was that the goal should be to file class actions in the U.S. and/or Canada; but, he never implied that he would be the first to do so. He was encouraging other attorneys to consider this approach.

      It was a huge mistake for Fuellmich to respond to VF in German. I wonder what he was thinking, if he was thinking at all? He must have realized that this falling out would go global. His command of English is excellent and he should be well aware that a response in English would have reached the widest audience.

      1. I’m pretty sure he will reply in English eventually. He must. Viviene is a snake. I agree she’s mentally unstable. Hopefully Reiner can address this soon. I always wondered WTF happened!

      2. Reiner is a highly intelligent man, what was he thinking of when he decided to respond so publicly. I don’t speak German but the English translation from Al is suspect. Even so, I thought he came across as nervously needing to set the record straight but all he did was to make it seem as though VFs accusations had at least some truth in them. As a seasoned lawyer he should have known better.
        Why did VF want to go public with this, knowing full well that it would sabotage all the hard work she, Reiner and the others had put into the committee. It has sabotage written all over it.

    3. You may not be aware of the Grand Jury process. It is convened as, by and for the general citizenry. His approach has legitimacy. It may be corruptible, but it’s got real potential. He’s a professional at this, you know.

      1. Are you referring to CITIZEN Grand Juries? Under the laws of what country? The International Criminal Court? German Federal Court? US Federal? Or an individual US State? Which states allow Citizen Grand Juries to be actionable? How does one find and convince an empaneled Citizen Grand Jury Foreperson to hear the case? What do you think of the potential reception from jurors when 85% of the population seems to be fully brainwashed by the Plandemic Propaganda? How did the Citizen Grand Juries work out for the 2020 election fraud allegations? How did they work out for the 911 as a government operation allegations? If you can offer more hope other than “he’s a professional at this, you know”, I’d like to hear it.

  15. @ Barbara who wrote: Do not think for one minute they will go down without a fight to the death! Causing internal divisions among us is how they can take us down best! NEVER underestimate their power and their resources which they use to accomplish their goals! But of course they are behind this division!! And we are fools if we fall for it!
    It is up to a critical mass of aware people to end millennia of the divide, weaken, and conquer tactic by forces of darkness. .

  16. I believe a mediator is a fitting suggestion. Most of us have no inclination to take sides, and this appears to be a resolvable situation between two smart and strong-minded professionals. Good luck to both of you and to the mission which clearly must be won by Humanity.

  17. No matter who turns out to be the “most right”, this is disappointing that all of the hopes we had for a good outcome from this committee have been dashed.

    Partnerships often end badly with one party accusing the other of being lazy, incompetent, dishonest or whatever whilst the other party does most of the work. Financial misdealings are common issues.

    We patiently waited and waited for…? We learned a lot from the reveals by the interviews, but to what end? Is there anything that can be salvaged from this mess to used by other venues?

    Not happy to feel like the horse following the carrot on a string.

  18. Descifrando toda la verborréa me queda claro lo siguiente:
    Reiner presenta a Viviana como una persona infantil, incongruente, emocional, incompetente, una destrucción de personalidad de libro de abogado resabido, y se presenta a si mismo como el único competente, que hace todo el trabajo. Tienen firmado que no van a beneficiarse personalmente de las donaciones que reciban, por tanto no puede decidir pasar facturas por el trabajo que hace su compañía de abogados. Si hay que atender cientos de miles de correos, hay que hablarlo y tomar decisiones, no puede simplemente apropiarse del dinero. Lo de la casa no tiene por donde cogerse, eso no hay quien lo pueda explicar o disculpar.
    Cuanto lo siento, se suponía que estaban haciendo algo verdaderamente importante por la humanidad, han defraudado a millones de personas.

    1. Deciphering all the verbiage, the following is clear to me:
      Reiner presents Viviana as a childish, incongruous, emotional, incompetent person, a personality destruction from a well-known lawyer’s book, and he presents himself as the only competent one, who does all the work. They have signed that they will not personally benefit from the donations they receive, therefore he cannot decide to pass bills for the work that his law firm does. If you have to answer hundreds of thousands of emails, you have to talk to him and make decisions, he can’t just take the money. The thing about the house has no where to take it, there is no one who can explain or excuse that.
      I’m so sorry, they were supposed to be doing something really important for humanity, they have defrauded millions of people
      (translation by Google)

  19. I think LD is correct!! We the People are dealing with corrupt, conniving, and evil central bankers who have been getting away with murder and crimes against humanity for centuries, all in the name of acquiring more and more filthy lucre and now their ultimate goal of establishing the New World Order!
    Do not think for one minute they will go down without a fight to the death! Causing internal divisions among us is how they can take us down best! NEVER underestimate their power and their resources which they use to accomplish their goals! But of course they are behind this division!! And we are fools if we fall for it!

  20. I listened to both on Bitchute last night. I am nauseated by what I heard, and the new light both present themselves in. Regardless of what the actual facts exactly are, both Miss Fischer and Fuellmich have lost my trust and my respect. I will not be interested in their future work, because they have shown to be unethical and dishonest. Actually, it turns out quite unlikeable.
    I value greatly the work done by the Corona Committee, the information gathered and the real time contribution to penetrating the great Covid lie. That can not be destroyed by this sordid revelation.

  21. It is impossible to read the translation. The only few lines I could read is not about the money but about the fact that she is not “structured” enough. Well, I have seen her video and to me, what she says, even with emotions, is quite structured and clear. Reiner Fulmich is also clear usually, but this time, I didn’t read that. But how having a clear point of view with this translation ? I don’t know who is right or wrong but she exposes facts and he exposes judgements….

    1. I too felt she made salient points and stayed away from personal attacks while everything launched from Reiner was slanderous and evasive of the claims. I didn’t trust him because he’s an attorney and just like Sidney Powell in the US with the election fraud cases, who talked a good game, took in millions in donations but didn’t deliver, it’s as if these attorneys are inserted to make sure the cases never gain ground or succeed.

    2. I am a german native speaker and did notice the English subtitles read very badly. Rainer slips in a lot of hesitative phrases as he does not like to go down mudslinging. His explanations in German are very clear.
      Ideally the translation should include brackets (with the explanatory linguistic explanations) so that the main message stands out more clear.

  22. Look how all the so called alternative media (am) follow the msm story about Reiner. Amazing! I don’t know who is right or wrong but at least it’s suspicious. The msm never mentioned R. but now they accuse him without a trial PLUS they have found an ally in the am. I think it’s clear who & where controlled opposition is now. Look how easy it is to shoot the messenger! And R isn’t the only one who gets shot in the battle. How many followers start having doubts? And that’s exactly what the ‘leaders of this world want. Operation ‘break the real opposition is ongoing’. Strange, why didn’t this happen during ‘covid’?

  23. Whatever the facts and the truth of the matter.
    I think Reiner did himself a grave disservice by responded in kind to Viviane’s emotion laden accusations.
    I would have thought that as a seasoned court lawyer, Reiner would have know better than to try and defend himself in the heat of the moment with such a long winded ad hoc interview, rather than take pause to compose himself, so as to adequately enable himself to dispassionately formulate a concise rebuttal in a more dignified and professional manner.
    A short video clip with a transcript along with a condensed to the point written affidavit of the facts, would have sufficed.
    And gone a long way to reassure us that adults in the organization had things under control and could speak for themselves in a calm and dignified manner.
    Instead we are subject to witnessing two very upset people venting grievances against each other in public using ad hominem’s, rather hearing anyone objectively stating their case so as we might weigh the merits of the evidence being presented, without all the emotional drama taking place.
    As things stand, we are left to untangle an emotional mess here trying to separate the hyperbole from the actual facts, all while our adversities are waging an all out war on us and the world’s heading straight to hell in a hand basket.
    Or have I missed something?

    1. Thank you sir for articulating my exact thoughts. One can only hope Reiner reads this and responds to your clear insight and call for a far better response. It’s not too late

    2. Raymond you have analysed it perfectly. Whoever the villain in this I was saddened to see the normally warm and professional persona of Reiner turn into a cursing, uncomfortable, even hateful and abusive shadow of his usual self.
      This whole corona investigative committee circus has been going on for far too long with much promise and seemingly little reward. Now one is forced to ask what it was really all about. So many good people have given their time and energy to make this work, so many desperate people have trusted Reiner to fulfil their hopes they must be wondering what was it really.all about. Very sad.

    3. You missed nothing in your comment, however with all of Reiner’s ramblings I’m wondering if the translated subtitles missed what he really said. You were spot ON with “A short video clip with a transcript along with a condensed to the point written affidavit of the facts, would have sufficed”. Reiner must’ve been tired and weary from the journey taken in the last two years…but he should have handled this whole matter better and this interview should have waited until he was fresh and rested. I do think he was WRONG to use money from the COMMITTEE to hedge his personal financial whims. Viviane was possibly careless or indifferent to the financial statements she was instructed to oversee and should’ve caught any mishandling much before this came out, so it could never have come out at all! I believe both have demeaned the hard work their team has done and made themselves look like petty.

      1. I am a native german speaker. As for translating the subtitles as “slob” or sloppy“:
        I can assure everyone that if my husband ever called me that, we would need a lawyer….
        Reiner said “Viviane ist ein Chaot.“„Chaotic“ is more like it in English. I wouldn’t be offended if my husband called me that in private.
        Please note that Reiner, Viviane and all C.C. members address each other in public as “du, tu” They do not use the more formal “sie, “vous”.
        If you called a friend ” Du Chaot” he or she might not be offended.
        If you called your boss ” Sie Chaot” you would be looking for a new job.

      2. We don’t really know what’s going on and the one thing I think that’s really crucial is Reiner approach it the way everyone above stated. And DO IT IN ENGLISH !!!! Please Reiner , take everyone’s advice. I absolutely think Viviene is unstable and a liar. I NEVER trusted her at all. I’m a few things including a hypnotherapist. I always felt she was very very “ off”. This confirms my suspicions. Let’s wait and see if Reiner can address this and pick up the pieces. For all our sakes amd our childrens sake.

    4. This is exactly how I feel…

      Remove the emotion.
      Be brief, exact and non-defensive.
      Keep to the facts.
      Keep calm.
      Be professional.

      I’m heartbroken today to see this. But I will remain optimistic that good people and truth will prevail. The monsters will never give up. And they damned well need to know that we will never give up either. Never.

      But we must unite.

  24. Reiner Fuellmich is accused of taking 700,000 euros out of the investigative committee purse, and his response is that Vivienne is a slob?! Seriously? This whole investigation is a joke, a false hope to make people think that something is being done, when in fact, nothing is being done at all. Noone is coming to save us, people need to wake up.

    1. I’m not sure the translation of ‘slob’ was meant as we readers saw it….someone else thought Reiner meant ‘sloppy’ which seems more accurate for Viviane’s ineffective attention to matters of importance like FINANCES. That said what each exposed about the other was very eye opening. But in retrospect, this covid lie has been a huge burden to shoulder and it has taken its toll on us, and its possible that these two intelligent and earnest individuals have been worn down too. I look forward to the day all of those behind this planetary scam are found, charged and imprisoned or executed. What those persons have done to the rest of us is almost incalculable. We are all battle weary.

  25. In the beginning Wolfgang recommended Viviane to work with Reiner and by all accounts they worked well together … yes her english isn’t as good as Reiners and she expresses her emotions in a different way but to the viewers that was OK …. I would imagine that Viviannes ‘partner’ Robert is the problem and maybe even compromised because it seems the problems started at the same time as he appeared or reappeared.
    This needs to be sorted out ASAP for all concerned and of course the bigger picture.

    1. Reiner Fuellmich did not call Viviane Fischer a slob” – this AI based translation does him a disservice. He called her chaotic for not showing about to strategy meetings, for not having an actual running law firm, for not handling accounts properly, for making all sorts of plans every other month without seeing them through (ie a hospital, a radio station, etc).
      Whilst everyone talks about RF and the 700,000€ no one talks about Viviane and the 100,000 she borrowed for her own lifestyle. It’s clear she has never been a practicing lawyer really, her website was always a front and her degree in economy isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if she can’t get on top of the donations and finances of such a committee. RF interview is long but do make the effort to listen to get his side as well rather than the poor me version of VF in the 10 mins. Nowhere does she mention how much her partner of one year has benefitted from the committee and the money he siphoned off. There is not a doubt in my mind who is controlled opposition here and who isn’t. Look back at 2020 – her website appears out of nowhere, pretending to be a law firm she actually has never had, a petition that coincidentally collected all names and addresses of people who signed and withheld the option to be anonymous, a woman who claims to simultaneously be a hatmaker, an economist, and a lawyer. RF will pursue the class action lawsuit in US, good for him maybe sth will come out of that at least and he will practice what they both claimed they were about – the LAW. His condescending demeanor towards VF is arrogant and unnecessary, but I don’t blame him for being enraged considering how she has played this.

      1. I couldn’t agree more! If anyone is “controlled opposition” it is VF.
        VF’s signals major psychological problems with her attire, hairstyle and demeanor. It’s almost laughable . . . she looks as if she’s a character in a Agatha Christy murder mystery . . . and maybe she’s the culprit.

        And, if she were sincere, and the “mission” is paramount, she would not have taken her issues with RF public. Anyone would be able to predict the outcome of airing your dirty laundry in public. Shad had to have known how this would end up.

      2. The ‘boyfriend’ coming along only a year ago is suspicious. Maybe he is some kind of Honeytrap for Fisher and has sabotaged the committee from the inside. I never trusted or liked Fisher. She saiud some very stupid things and didn’t actually understand what some of the experts they interviewed were even saying. And the way Fisher and Wodarg behaved to Kaufman and Lanka was so bad I stopped paying any attention to them at all. Reiner has been rumoured to be an opportunist the moment he made his great appearance as the opposition by many who already knew of him in Germany. And what of Wodarg? the man who upholds the lie of the virus above all else. What was his part in all of this?

  26. ROTFLOL, I f+++ing love you guys. “Oh God will help us!” “We will prevail!”
    Nope, you’re just a bunch of f***+ing useless failures at life. You, Maria, you, LD. Pathetic little useless nuts. Jabs will continue. Life will continue. You are worthless and will keep being worthless.
    I LOVE seeing you cry! Please continue!

    1. To Rotflol:

      If you consider people who seek the truth useless, what is one like you called?
      Eugenics supporter?

      Good luck!

      1. He does not criticize those who seek, but those who claim to be “dissidence”, it does not exist, these people work for the system, as Jacob rothschild would say, all this is only a distraction, and it works at wonder.

  27. Sad … Sad . Boy doesn’t this make Fauci and his villains happy . Watching both people give their side of the story is sad .

  28. Why not provide a readable translation? Why publish an official-looking document of Reiner’s response with such a lousy translation? Why the dig on Reiner as someone who has been “seen as a hero promising a never-seen Nuremberg 2.0”?

    1. Yes, I would love a brief summary on what he said other than Vivien was a slob.
      I made it to min six and gave up.

      1. I believe he was indicating she was sloppy & had a lackadaisical attitude toward the work. If you abandon your own high emotions & watched the entire video, you would understand the context of his remark.

  29. You are fighting with bankers. You are exposing bankers at the very top. Is it possible your accounts have been tampered with to cause problems among you. Seriously, this possibility seems highly likely.

    1. Devastating accusation !
      Please do consider a possibility of
      Agent provocateur or more.

      So sad, and unbelievable!
      Please explain?🙏

  30. This is the saddest news and difficult to believe!
    The truth has to prevail, very soon, for everyone
    need to know it.
    Not able to process it!

  31. This is not happening, what are you people doing..
    Fight for humanity, its fallen apart by whats happened here, if there are facts and all can be proven.
    Just can’t believe this, really poor, very poor.

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