Dr. Robert Malone Speech + Q&A (Better Way Media Conference, Vienna, Austria)

Inventor of the mRNA & DNA vaccine platform technologies, Dr. Robert Malone, spoke at the betterwaymediaconference.org on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022, giving powerful insights into the capture of international media by corrupted govt agencies, Dr. Peter Breggin’s criticism of Mattias Desmet’s Mass Formation Psychosis theory, and much more…

Dr. Malone finished his speech, complete with slide-show presentation, with a Q & A from the crowd, including a question from Bright Light News’ Glen Jung [1:20:00] on where to find the list of 4,000 doxxed WEF members working in all levels of govt, medicine, media and other industries around the world. The WEF list can be found at the maloneinstitute.org.

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