Pro-Vaccine Dr. Drew Apologizes and Makes U-Turn on Covid “Vaccines”

Another pro-vaccine doctor has dawned his scientific cap and commendably submitted himself to the deluge of scientific evidence showing unprecedented injuries from Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines.”

Aussie17 (Twitter, Substack), a former Big Pharma exec “exposing the pharma-industrial complex,” posted the Dr. Drew apology on his substack, including a list of doctors who’ve made the u-turn:

  1. Prof Masanori Fukushima (Japan)
  2. Dr Kerryn Phelps (Australia)
  3. Prof Angus Dalgleish (UK)
  4. Dr John Campbell (UK)
  5. Prof Shmuel Shapira (Israel)
  6. Dr Thiravat Hemachudha (Thailand)
  7. Professor Abdullah Alabdulgader (Egypt)
  8. Dr Joseph Fraiman (USA)
  9. Professor Retsef Levi (USA)
  10. Dr Drew (USA)

Dr. Aseem Maholtra should also be added to this list.

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