Experts Debate Pandemic Accountability | International Covid Summit 3, Brussels

(Brussels) A day after the historic International Covid Summit 3 where international experts spoke in the EU Parliament May 3rd to discuss the harms of the pandemic response, experts, including inventor mRNA and DNA vaccine technology Dr. Robert Malone, clinician and professor of medicine Dr. David Anderson, lawyer and economist Renate Holzeisen, biotechnology and nanotechnology expert Prof. Guisseppe Tritto and vaccinologist Dr. Byram Bridle, took part in a heated discussion on holding govt and public officials accountable for crimes against humanity.

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3 thoughts on “Experts Debate Pandemic Accountability | International Covid Summit 3, Brussels”

  1. For SHAME Dr. Malone, stop shooting each other. You are shooting at Dr. Jane Ruby and Dr. Peter Breggin. Shame, shame, SHAME on you Dr. Malone.

  2. getting late in the game

    How long before the enlightened turn on Malone for attacking others ?
    Surely,we have all had enough of his hypocrisy.

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