Ontario MPP Challenges Ford’s “Vaccine” ID Mandates

Ontario MPP, Rick Nicholls questions Premier Doug Ford’s Digital ID Health Passport, which will allow the govt and medical authorities to inject citizens with whatever and whenever they want or lose “one’s basic freedoms to move, to work and to eat.”

“Who convinced or coerced you, [Premier Ford], to impose on your own citizens this unjustifiable, unwarranted and experimental medical treatment, so called covid-19 vaccines?”

1 thought on “Ontario MPP Challenges Ford’s “Vaccine” ID Mandates”

  1. Thank you, Mr. Nichols.

    Our liberties are not privileges that can be withheld or granted by Government. This covid-centric obsession is really an excuse for tyranny. Society is not served by this ‘vax passeport’. Public health is not served by it. There is no rational basis for it.

    I stand on firm ground. Freedom.

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