[TRAILER] No Other Country Has This Restriction, Except Canada – Hon. Brian Peckford

[TRAILER] The man instrumental to having Canada’s 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms come to fruition after coming to an impasse with then PM Pierre Trudeau ironically battles his son, Justin, to restore stolen Canadian freedoms. Hear the Hon. Brian Peckford’s dire observation of Canada’s sole Draconian distinction.

FULL INTERVIEW: https://brightlightnews.com/interview-he-fathered-the-charter/

34 thoughts on “[TRAILER] No Other Country Has This Restriction, Except Canada – Hon. Brian Peckford”

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  2. People clearly dont know how to read stats and online information that is not associated with Rebel Media or Alex Jones.

    News flash, we are in a 6th wave!!!!

    1. It is obvious you are in need of your fourth booster.
      Then you can flee to Cuba with Dear Leader. Or is it China?
      Justine doesn’t have the balls to be tried for the Crimes Against Humanity he and Freeland have perpetrated upon the citizens of Canada.

    2. A wave that I’m beginning to think was manufactured by the government to get us still to inject in us poison. Using wastewater to determine spread is like using a stopwatch to predict the future. When people purge the virus, it has to go somewhere, and so it ends up in the wastewater. An elevated count in the wastewater only indicates that the current wave has already passed.

      I’m not going to elaborate, because what I found out earlier this morning is so evil, so insidious, people will think I’m crazy for even bringing it up, but it makes a lot of sense, answers a lot of questions, and pretty much sentences us to a life-long lie of Covid “waves.”

  3. Max, you are not alone. Regardless of the fact that these restrictions aka mandates
    have absloutely zero scientific backing – turd stubbornly insist on them. Now is
    time for action, we need to speak the only language turd actually understands.
    The message is: pay for your violation of our rights enshrined in our Charter.
    A precedent has already been set: It’s Omar Khan case. He’s been awarded $ 10 million for infringing his right specified in the Charter. Our rights have equally been trumpled with.
    There are about 10 million of us who are prevented of boarding a plane or train or ship. We need to launch a class action suit asking compensation for our rights violation. 10 million people asking turd to pay $ 10 million each. See if he can afford it.

      1. Florida, texas, south Dakota and a few others allow unvaxed Canadians. The problem is getting through the border states.

        1. US Embassy and Consulates in Canada
          Last updated April 1, 2022 at 1:00pm EST.

          All non-immigrant, non-U.S. citizen air travelers to the United States must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination status prior to boarding an airplane to the United States. In addition, fully vaccinated foreign nationals may also enter the United States at land ports of entry (POE) and ferry terminals.
          Land border restrictions for travel to the United States remain in effect. Fully vaccinated foreign travelers are able to travel to the United States across the Northern and Southwest borders with Canada and Mexico.

  4. 62 nations allow the unvaccinated to have entry rights.
    WEF loyal Trudeau and Freeland deny their own citizens their basic rights to fly within their own country and abroad.They are political prisoners.
    For the mindless twits out there this is called tyranny,reserved for dictatorships:

    ‘ In Canada, things are so inexplicable, the vaccinated don’t even need to do a test anymore. So people infected with Covid are free to fly in or out of Canada shedding virus everywhere. But healthy unvaccinated people “will need to be tested at the airport and again eight days after arrival, and isolate for 14 days.” Righto.’


    1. I just wanted to write about my recent visit to the emergency Dept of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Upon signing in…I was told the hospital was “full of COVID” as per the triage nurse.
      My question to the triage nurse and the various colleagues I saw during the 4 hrs. there is this…
      Can you tell me whether or not all these COVID patients have been vaccinated or not?
      They know the answer to this because I was asked whether or not I was vaccinated in triage. I told her that my vaccination status was private information and her reply was…well you will just have to tell them when you get inside the hospital bed they directed me to.
      The point Im making here is….the 2 jabs does not…nor will it ever protect you from getting this so called COVID or prevent you from transmitting it.
      My research has been an exhausting 2 year search and enough is enough!

    1. Hey, Rog-Whit-the-Bed-Again, you clearly don’t understand the meaning of the word “Democracy” and you definitely don’t want it. You’re in love with dictatorships.
      BTW – how much of your stuff are other people obligated to pay for?

    2. I don’t think so, Twit. The pushback to that alliance from hell has been something to see, but you wouldn’t know it being so out of touch that you are watching the CEEBEECEEEEEE.

  5. “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime…having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.” Justine Trudeau

  6. I think responsible Canadians should start crowdfunding a ‘relocation program’ for disgruntled conservatives. They can relocate to Florida or Alabama and enjoy all the super freedom they have down there. Rather than bringing all the GOP bullshit up here.

    I strongly believe the 🇨🇦 Liberal party & 🇨🇦 NDP working together for universal pharmacare & dental care is absolutely phenomenal!❤✊

    I love my PM for the caring he shows & the courage to speak out against Putin ❤️❤️❤️✊ #IStandWithTrudeau 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    1. I cannot wait till you see what living in a third world failed state shithole is like. That’s what’s coming by the way. To Canada. But yeah, enjoy that free dental. Maybe if you supported real values you’d find you could afford your own dental.

      1. “Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights, or limiting your fundamental rights, and the Charter says that’s wrong, we’re still gonna go ahead and do it.” The Turd

        “We’ve heard it from European members of Parliament, expressed a lot over the last period of time, how our democracy is not functioning, it’s not respecting civil and human rights,” he said. “And I hope more Canadians, more legislators speak up to this travesty that is happening to our country.


    2. You are clearly a shill. Tryin’ a bit too hard. How much is Klaus, Trudy and the WEF paying you? Maybe you’re getting a cut of the action on every jab injected like Trudy is. If you were any more idiotic you would give morons a bad name.

    3. The twit has so much trouble spelling his own name!


      My sources say that Twit’s Canadian dream is going to turn into a nightmare real fast, and I’m afraid, much sooner than anyone realizes. Be ready, twit. You’re going to get EXACTLY what you wished for. Enjoy!

  7. The so-called health professionals running the Covid “vaccine” programs around the world keep repeating that “the Covid vaccine is a normal vaccine and it is safe and effective.” But as of the end of last month, Good Sciencing has recorded 833 athletes, worldwide, who have had cardiac arrests or other serious issues, with 540 dead, post-Covid injection.
    April 08,2022
    The Expose

  8. The U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was updated April 8th 2021, and another 100+ cases were added this past week where an unborn child died after their mother received a COVID-19 vaccine, bringing the total number of fetal deaths to 4,023 following COVID-19 vaccination for the past 16 months.
    But by comparison just 565 women have lost their unborn or new-born child following Flu vaccination since the year 1990, a period of thirty years.

  9. Dr. RW Malone speaks about the ‘vaccine’ dangers and the fact they aren’t effective against infection and don’t prevent spread of Omicron.
    “There is no medical emergency.These injections are not safe.
    There is risk associated with these vaccines-that is undeniable,
    Where there is risk,there must be choice.”
    Talks WEF’s role in Covid: ” Heavy-handed totalitarianism…..” “Global Fascism.”
    “All roads lead to WEF. Justine has very little spine. His finance minister has the balls.”
    Dr. Malone’s thoughts on the WEF are heard at the eight minute mark:

  10. Government of Canada data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are suffering Antibody Dependent Enhancement; and both Pfizer & the FDA knew it would happen.

    “Official figures for Canada show the fully vaccinated are now over 4 times more likely to be infected with Covid-19, 1.5 times more likely to be hospitalised with Covid-19, and twice as likely to die of Covid-19 than the not-vaccinated…”
    Feb 12th to March 20th, 2022
    Source: Government of Canada Epidemiology Update

    1. Max. I must commend you for your advocacy. As many Canadians, vaxed or otherwise, needs to see these links, but they are being denied the ability thanks to the massive “MDM” (misinformation; disinformation; malinformation) campaign waged by the federal government, and now they want to legislate what we are able to see on the internet.
      We are living in a fascist state!
      The way the government defines “malinformation” is especially troubling. Malinformation is defined as information based on the truth, but can be interpreted as such to countermand the government agenda. I’m not sure I’m phrasing this correctly, but you get the gist of it.

      We are living in the darkest times of human history. This will not end well.

  11. This mandate is so outrageous and egregious it is going to be the Court ruling that either destroys this nation for the WEF or gives the citizens hope that we can buy time to displace these loyal WEF members.
    I have had Covid. No exemption.
    Natural immunity trumps poison. No exemption.
    I have multiple health issues. No exemption.
    I have a wife and home abroad that I have not seen in over two years.
    I do not appreciate being a prisoner in my own country for a turd and his witch.

    1. Pablo Mellognio

      Right on brother!, I am a prisoner too, but they keep it quiet don’t they? What the hell do they think they are?
      They took my freedom and they are taking thousand of lives, Bastards!!! They will be accountable though!

    2. I have no faith in the SCOC. In the wisdom of this court, in one of their more well known judgments, they concluded that “the truth is not a defense.”

      Any court that can make such a finding is not interested in justice, but in judicial activism.

      We’ve already seen this activism in action with Tamara’s bail hearing(s).

      Justice McLaughlin, when she was chief justice, gave a lecture in which she proclaimed that the constitution is “a living, breathing document.” In other words, the constitution evolves to reflect the current needs of society, not necessarily the intent behind the written document itself.
      With legal interpretations like that serving as precedent, Let’s just say that I share in Premier Peckford’s pessimism.

      1. Case in point…

        The Chief Justice of SCOC is calling on all politicians to condemn the freedom convoy.

        Is there precedent for a Chief Justice to recuse himself from trying cases?
        Even if there were, based from what I’ve seen so far from the benches of this pathetic excuse for the country’s legal system, I wouldn’t count on the justices common sense to do so.

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