Gates’ $460 Million Project Fast-tracked Vaccines for Next Epidemic (WEF 2017)

Bill Gate’s 2017 project, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), raised $460 million to fast-track warp-speed vaccines, including mRNA jabs, in less than 1 year, solving “regulatory issues” for “the next epidemic.” He announced CEPI at the World Economic Forum.

A fortuitous event for his $10 billion investment into vaccines.

1 thought on “Gates’ $460 Million Project Fast-tracked Vaccines for Next Epidemic (WEF 2017)”

  1. WEF / WHO Gates is as welcome in Canada as the WEF Turd and his WEF Witch:

    “Bill Gates, you’re not welcome here!”
    That was the “Super Protest” slogan that attracted around 600 people to the Vancouver Convention Centre this past Sunday, where day one of the 2022 TED Conference is taking place.
    Rebel News

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