No Groceries for the Unvaccinated in New Brunswick?

In announcing new measures Dec. 3, 2021, that include possibly denying entry to grocery stores for the unvaccinated and masking outdoors, has the New Brunswick govt overtaken Ontario’s to become the most Draconian Canadian province?

The new measures took effect this morning at the stoke of midnight as part of the Winter Action Plan for COVID-19. The level 1 restrictions apply to the whole province and include masking outdoors where physical distancing isn’t possible, but, more alarmingly, the option for retail stores, spas and salons to implement proof of vaccination if physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The use of physical distancing and masks have been debunked by the simple fact that Covid-19 is spread by aerosols that can travel up to 16 feet and easily penetrate cloth and surgical masks. Dr. Byram Bridle showed the futility of masks in a video where he wore 5 surgical masks and showed that aerosols easily passed through the holes in the masks.

Strangely, a CBC article included grocery stores in the list of businesses that could require proof of vaccination; the N.B. govt clearly did not indicate this at all in their announcement or on their website, as grocery stores have been essential and remained open for all since the Covid-19 debacle. Is this an honest error on the CBC’s (clearly an unquestioning mouthpiece) part or is the article chumming the public waters for a reaction on behalf of the Canadian govt?

Since the rollout of the vaccines Dec. 19, 2020, N.B. has seen its cases explode by more than 15x from 573 cases reported the morning of the rollout to 8,680 cases reported Dec. 4, 2021. Deaths have also exploded by more than 16x from 8 deaths Dec. 19, 2020, to 132 deaths Dec. 4, 2021.

With 81.9% of the province fully vaccinated, clearly the vaccines are failing to prevent infection and deaths.

And the mandates?

Unscientific and nonsensical.

7 thoughts on “No Groceries for the Unvaccinated in New Brunswick?”

  1. I quit watching mainstream media because I was hearing the same propaganda almost word for word on every station. It creeped me out. They’re trying to keep the fear level peaked at all times. Sick, twisted, corrupt ******
    They keep saying, Follow the Science, well, it appears that New Brunswick has a high jab percentage yet, its covid cases are skyrocketing 🤔
    Just remember FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

  2. This is the first I have heard of this given that I have quit reading the CBC news and the other mainstream propagandists. When I read this I called our local Loblaws Superstore to ask about this and I was told not much has changed. She said there will likely be more focus on social distancing like there was in the beginning,
    Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The province has a high rate of vaccination yet the number of people with Covid infection continues to rise and they continue to push the control group to join the test subjects. So instead of educating citizens on how to build your immune system so that if you get you will have mild symptoms and stay out of the hospital they continue to punish those who choose not to patriciate in the experiment.

  3. It is not strange that CBC has added grocery stores to its article as CBC will add fear mongering to its information spreading.

    1. That’s what the nazi did before ww2. They instilled fear in the population. One of their top propagandist said it at his Nuremberg trial before being executed for his war crimes. Instill fear in the population and you can make them do whatever you want.

      1. Interesting truth about WWII but a key element is missing which provides context: The war was 6 years long (1939-1945) the Nuremberg trials were 4 years to completion (1945-1949). Ten long years from beginning to “alleged” justice. All “paperclips” aside, we are less than two years into this madness. The worst atrocities have yet to be displayed by Satan’s goblins.

        I believe Nuremberg II will not be as formal and not so far off.

    2. Grocery stores were specifically mentioned on the NB gov site, and were mentioned in the oral government update. Specific mention of grocery stores seems to have been removed from the government website.

      1. This is correct. The health minister Dorothy Shepherd specifically mentioned grocery stores in her spoken announcement.

        This is where the CBC took it’s information from because it was the first source given out by the province. It is interesting that grocery stores are not mentioned anywhere in print though. The quantity and quality of information published by the provincial government in NB is very low in general, and they are well known for being both secretive and unwilling to answer letters or emails from the people.

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