[INTERVIEW] Total Digital Surveillance Is Here -Sikh For Truth

Sikh For Truth, a UK investigative journalist, was alarmed and overwhelmingly compelled to warn the world about his findings on something called “immunity certificates.” His fears later turned out to be correct, as the certificates, later dubbed “vaccine passports” by the mainstream media, helped lay the infrastructure for a global digital surveillance system.

Since then, Sikh For Truth’s investigative dive into the “fourth industrial revolution” has made him one of the leading voices on the technological scheme that has already implemented a biometric social credit system in China and India. The rest of the world looks to soon follow in their digital footprints through the manufactured threat of climate change and future pandemics.

Sikh For Truth’s work has captured the attention of the former Covid injection advocate Dr. Aseem Maholtra (see below), podcaster Joe Rogan and German Member of European Parliament, Christine Anderson, whom he helped introduce to the world with one viral tweet (see below).

In this explosive interview, Sikh For Truth lays out how Covid and the vaccine passports were merely an acceleration point for a world that could be locked down at any time due to another pandemic or climate change…all at the touch of a button. Join us, as we discuss who the players are and the digital road map that is already stripping global citizens of their freedoms, human rights and privacy.

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Below, you’ll find documents, footage and websites found in the video.

Father can’t enter Tesco supermarket without the app and a membership.
UN Sustainable Development Goals
SikhForTruth helps amplify Christine Anderson voice to the world.
Joe Biden says we need a new world order.

New Zealand Vaccinations by Day

3 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Total Digital Surveillance Is Here -Sikh For Truth”

  1. What's up with them?

    Dr Aseem Malhotra and nurse Dr John Campbell promoted the jab for two years with no evidence it was safe and took their sweet time waking up and joining us.
    Ironically at almost the same time. Don’t trust them at all.

  2. Between my two neighbours with their security cameras and video doorbells, I have no outside privacy left. I live in a safe neighbour hood but no longer have privacy from my neighbours. Now they can snitch with video proof if we have social bubbles again.

  3. I think Covid was a hurried attempt to put the lid back on pandoras box (opened by Julian Assange). If Agenda 201 had been pushed in the 2030’s , medical ethics would have been by then totally enervated by new doctors who would drown out the stalwarts we know today – who could be too old or few in number to make the difference.

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