[INTERVIEW] Emergencies Act Inquiry Update 2 With Eva Chipiuk, Freedom Convoy Group Lawyer

After 12 days at the Emergencies Act Inquiry, police officials continue to destroy Trudeau’s justifications for invoking the Emergencies Measures Act. Join us, as Eva Chipiuk, co-counsel for the freedom rights movement, updates on the latest from the proceedings in Ottawa as well as the disappointing dismissal of her client’s, Brian Peckford, federal lawsuit against the travel vaccine mandate.

3 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Emergencies Act Inquiry Update 2 With Eva Chipiuk, Freedom Convoy Group Lawyer”

  1. It’s time like Trudeau and his puppets to be charged for gas lighting and waste of taxpayers’ money and pay back everything they stole to represent fraud out of their own pockets and that includes lawyers, judges. then justice will be served

  2. here’s the thing
    as great as it is to see the govt losing their grip on the convoy narrative, with respect to the police interviews demonstrably showing there was no actual violence
    no one is really talking about why the government didn’t just talk to the Freedom Convoy
    and that’s part of the trick they’re playing–they are trying to wriggle away by subverting the conversation into a narrative of police being unjustified in their measures while not addressing the fact that the govt completely ignored its own citizens
    there’s been some cursory mention of the trucker’s reasons for protesting being related to ending mandates, but it’s not a front and centre issue yet.
    and the good people of the alt news like bright light, rebel, and true north have done a great job covering this, but imho we need to put more pressure on discussing the circumstances under which the convoy occured in the first place, rather than just focusing on the incompetant police response to the convoy.

    it is CLEAR the government is not following the law
    it is also clear that these petty tyrants in government, media, and corporations are terrified of The People, because they know we know they cannot justify their violations of Our Laws, also they’re aware of how vastly outnumberd they truly are…

    …So why are we still putting up with their crap?

  3. I remember in 2014:
    “Moments after Cirillo was shot at his post by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, MPs and other witnesses reported 30 to 50 shots fired inside the main Parliament building.”
    [After he got past all levels of policing and Parliament security because they had no method of communicating with one another. The gun man could not even run fast. ]
    “It was confirmed later that the gunman was shot dead inside the building, felled by the House of Commons sergeant-at-arms and RCMP, according to MPs’ accounts.”
    “Michaud also suggested that police had no forewarning of the attack, saying “it caught us by surprise.” [no one forewarns the police that they are about to commit a crime]
    “But let there be no misunderstanding — we will not be intimidated, Canada will never be intimidated.” [yet hear we are in 2022 the police/government are intimidated by what the news says; intimidate by peaceful protesters and bouncy castles. ]
    God help us if a REAL enemy tried a physical attack on Canada.

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