[INTERVIEW] Doctor Helps Successfully Treat Over 12,000 Covid Patients -Dr. George Fareed, MD

Using early treatment drugs, like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, Dr. George Fareed, MD, helped successfully treat over 12,000 patients, never losing a single one–a remarkable 100% success rate.

Through his clinical experience, the pandemic never needed to happen. People were killed due to corruption and mismanagement, and crimes against humanity continue.

Dr. Fareed and his colleague Dr. Brian Tyson chronicled their success in their book, Overcoming The Covid Darkness.|

Spanish subtitled version below.

Available at Amazon and from OverComingCovidDarkness.com.
Retracted Hydroxchloroquine study.


3 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Doctor Helps Successfully Treat Over 12,000 Covid Patients -Dr. George Fareed, MD”

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  2. If according to CDC in 2020, this so called Covid-19 was no more than the flu and resulted in less than one third of one percent of deaths those deaths were to a large extent attributed to older people with multiple comorbidities, how come now drs say they could have saved these lives while they didn’t mention that prior to 2020. Why were the lives not saved back then. And remember that those who died of “Coid-19′ were past the life expectancy of the population

  3. The only way to get these murders is hit them in the pocket book, new smart ways to identify who they are and the white hats ( good guys) start identifying them and ways to reduce their wealth legally by identifying their crimes, strip them of all their wealth and put them them in jail and tell them to be happy

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