Amazing Starts Thursday in Vienna, Austria (Sept. 15-18)

Robert Malone, Tess Lawrie, Pierre Kory, Ryan Cole, Mark Trozzi, Jessica Rose, Sucharit Bhakdi, Neil Oliver, Will Dove and Bright Light News’ own Glen Jung…

These are but a few speaking (see list below) in Vienna, Austria, for the and Sept. 15-18, 2022.

Join virtually or in person. Most events are free.

Thursday and Friday (Sept. 15, 16) will see the media conference with international journalists taking the stage to talk about the state of broadcast media, tumbling from public to state broadcast media. Speakers will discuss a better way forward to shift the capture of mainstream media, largely responsible for the unscientific and unconstitutional narrative of the last couple years.

On Saturday, the doctors and scientists will take to the stage. And on Sunday, the incredible weekend of events ends with activists, including Canada’s Kristen Nagle (Canadian Frontline Nurses), and peaceful rally sure to bring out a massive crowd.

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