[INTERVIEW] 32 Canadian Doctors Died Since The Rollout & Corrupt Medical Colleges Are Destroying Medicine -Dr. William Makis, Md

32 Canadian doctors have died since Covid-19 “vaccines” have been mandated. The temporal association with the timing of the experimental gene therapy roll-out and administration to the doctors raises many flags, as this number of young doctor deaths is unprecedented. Visit the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) “In Memoriam” page to view registered doctor deaths.

Join us for this exclusive interview with Dr. William Makis, MD, who’s been extensively tracking and investigating the deaths. Dr. Makis also discusses his own forced early retirement at 36 from medicine at the hands of “corrupt” College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta officials.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s documentary, Cancer Is Serious Business.

14 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] 32 Canadian Doctors Died Since The Rollout & Corrupt Medical Colleges Are Destroying Medicine -Dr. William Makis, Md”

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  4. Thank you Dr. Makis for your bravery. I have a concern with two of the thirty-two doctors on your list that died in a motor vehicle accident. Are you suggesting a possible cardiac event or medical emergency that these doctors had prior to their accidents? Is this why they are on your list?

  5. I am 78 years old quit my job last year because I din’t want to get the vaccine, I was a bartender and worked until Oct 30 2021 every year in my life I used to get the common cold 1 to 2 times per year but since 1919 never had a cold, that tells me that my immune system is working without the vaccine

  6. Dr Norman Epstein died suddenly of cardiac event without prior cardiac history in Mississauga Ontario in March 2021

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  8. This list is not complete. I would like to submit to Dr. MAKIS that a Dr. M. Alam died one day after his first shot , on February 20, 2021. I learned this from High River Hospital staff and verified it with someone close to Dr. Alam.

    1. This is why I need everyone’s help. I have added Dr.M.Alam to the database and he will be in the next publication. Thank you very much.

      1. Dr. Makis, A warning for you. You mention papers, records and documents that relate to your situation and to other matters. You need to make complete duplicate sets of these papers, digital storage, photographs or whatever you have. Then distribute these to places where the authorities would not think to search. Or maybe to organizations that will not release this information. Keep all notes about distribution of this only on paper. Memorize the most important. Destroy those paper records. They will come and take everything and you will never see it again. I just have seen this several times. Thanks for talking where others are cowardly.

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