[INTERVIEW] Andrew Lawton , True North Centre, Talks Emergencies Act Inquiry

Through his journalism at True North Centre and his best-selling book, The Freedom Convoy, Andrew Lawton has helped to slay the mainstream media narrative of Canada’s largest display of peaceful civil disobedience, becoming a voice for Convoy supporters to follow. Lawton’s conviction to get the proper story on the freedom movement in Canada continues, as he follows the Public Order Emergencies Commission and gives updates of the crumbling narratives through his Twitter account.

Regarding the Emergencies Act inquiry, Lawton notes the various lawyers representing govt and police officials “are all trying to craft a narrative that makes everything that happens someone else’s fault.”

Will the inquiry lead to any changes? Join us to hear Lawton’s thoughts.

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1 thought on “[INTERVIEW] Andrew Lawton , True North Centre, Talks Emergencies Act Inquiry”

  1. Good interview. Agree with everything Mr Lawton said, but wondering why the lawyers are not bringing forward these points?? ie -We know why the businesses were shut down, we know the businesses that stayed open made a lot of money. None of this is coming forward – and this judge needs to hear this.

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