If Your Doctor Isn’t Being Investigated or Suspended, Then Run! -Dr. Mark Trozzi

In these heady times where unethical doctors, like Dr. Christopher Sun can administer off-label Covid-19 injections to hundreds of children under the age of 5, that is, they’re not approved, and not be investigated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) (read more by Dr. Jessica Rose), while ethical doctors are being investigated and having their licenses suspended for adhering to the principles and ethics of medicine and the CPSO’s polices pre-Covid, like Dr. Mark Trozzi.

At the #betterwayconference May 20-22, Dr. Trozzi gave this insightful point on the compromised and corrupt medical establishment.

11 thoughts on “If Your Doctor Isn’t Being Investigated or Suspended, Then Run! -Dr. Mark Trozzi”

  1. 100% RISK with loss of freedom as your Turd award:

    Neither the Pfizer nor Moderna mRNA vaccines are effective at protecting against COVID

    In other words, almost all protection provided by the Pfizer vaccine was gone after three months.
    But what about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? Surely at least one of the big four COVID vaccines offers decent protection for more than half a year. Unfortunately, nope!
    The Johnson and Johnson vaccine provides, perhaps, the worst level of long-term protection.
    According to a study published by the medRxiv, vaccine efficacy drops from 88 per cent to just 3 per cent after six months, reports Medical and Life Sciences News.
    Not one of the four most widely distributed vaccines provides adequate long-term protection.


  2. People that are injured or having seen loved ones suffer with these injections are all starting to see the agenda. The long lineups and delays at airports is because the pilots are suffering injuries and/or death in the air along with the vaxxed employees suffering and the non-vaxxed having been terminated.
    The Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition has sounded the alarm and listed all the airlines that are operating with vaccine injured pilots. They have sounded the alarm and are demanding the regulatory agencies and negligent govt bodies get their acts together to avoid catastrophe.

    While not an exhaustive list, the airlines below have pilots on staff who are vaccine injured, and with whom our pilot advocacy groups are in contact:

    Jetstar Australia

    Qantas Australia

    Virgin Australia Australia

    Air Canada Canada

    Air Transat Canada

    WestJet Canada

    Air France France

    EasyJet France

    HOP France

    Lufthansa Germany

    TUI Netherlands

    KLM Netherlands

    American USA

    Delta USA

    JetBlue USA

    Southwest USA

    United USA

    Frontier USA

    Alaska USA

    Spirit USA

  3. I unceremoniously dumped my doctor for being rabidly pro-vax, especially when it came to kids. I was frankly shocked at the revelation, because I had always assumed my GP was a normal, rational, intelligent person. The term “educated idiot” is now the only thing that comes to mind, and I haven’t been back since. Pro-vaxxers have clearly elevated cognitive dissonance to an art form.

      1. Greed would’ve been a lot less scary—this was genuine enthusiasm. “Gotta get the kids vaccinated!” (Insert big, glowing, insanely pro-vax smile here.) Greed I can deal with. A complete lack of common sense is something else entirely—especially when it comes to someone I’m expected to entrust with my health and well-being.

  4. I was just thinking that this morning when I was reading Dr. Marble’s excellent texts. If a doctor is not banned from social media or being investigated, Somethings not right. I can’t believe I’m even typing this. Very evil times we are living in, may God be with us!!

    1. What a bout Dr. John Campbell (UK)? He is very through, I have confidence he’ll figure things out eventually and wake up.

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