How the Freedom Convoy Ended Covid Mandates

Canadian truckers steamed across the country in bitter winter temps to settle in Ottawa Jan. 28, 2022, to fight and defeat the Trudeau govt’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Despite daily headlines of extremism, racism, and violence in an Ottawa under “seige” of an “insurrection” of parked trucks and bouncy castles, the gaslit public approved of the use of the Emergencies Measures Act (ruled illegal Jan 24, 2022) and police brutality that followed to shut down the Convoy, Covid and vaccine mandates soon began falling across Canada.

The truckers of the #freedomconvoy won, defeating the combined might of an authoritarian govt working in tandem with a servile mainstream media to restore constitutional rights and freedoms.

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FROM THE FULL INTERVIEW: Emergencies Act Use Ruled Illegal -Eddie Cornell, Litigant

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