[INTERVIEW] Emergencies Act Use Ruled Illegal -Eddie Cornell, Litigant, Explains

A landmark federal court ruling has vindicated the Freedom Convoy and its supporters, as Justice Richard Mosley ruled the invocation of the Emergencies Act by the Justin Trudeau federal goverment “unreasonable,” ultimately concluding that “there was no national emergency,” on Jan 23, 2024.

Eddie Cornell, a co-litigant with former OPP Vincent Gircys, discussed the landmark court ruling with me the day after the ruling. The interview provides crucial insight into one of Canada’s most significant and peaceful protests, ignited by truckers opposing vaccine mandates and joined by hundreds of thousands of supporters across Canada and inspired convoys around the world.

Cornell, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and cofounder of Veterans 4 Freedom, sheds light on the significance of the legal victory for participants and supporters alike, vilified by govt and the media and, in turn, the public at large, while unveiling the unparalleled spirit of love, unity, and cooperation.

The ruling, as Cornell elaborates, is not just a personal triumph but a significant milestone for Canadian democracy. It serves as a testament to the power of peaceful protest and the resilience of citizens in the face of governmental overreach, marking a historic moment in Canadian civil liberties and the ongoing global conversation on freedom and government overreach.

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Under the CSIS Act, the following factors are required in order for the threshold of the invocation of the Emergencies Act to me invoked. During the Emergencies Act Inquiry (POEC), all law enforcement officials stated that they did not find any evidence of a national security threat.
Tamara Lich, a leader of the Freedom Convoy, and the Hon. Brian Peckford, last surviving co-author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, hold a press conference to denounce the Trudeau govt’s intention to invoke the Emergencies Act on the morning of its declaration.
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