3 thoughts on “GiveSendGo Tweets Freedom Convoy Money Is Safe”

  1. No it isn’t, apparently the court ruled and froze givesendgo, hence the reason bitcoin stepped in.

    1. Look up what “ex-parte” means.

      The legislation used to justify this freeze is used to prosecute felons.

      It would be hard to prove that any felonious action had taken place by the organizers. I don’t know what “evidence” the Ontario AG produced to convince a judge that the freeze is legitimate, but the proceeding took place without representation from the convoy. In other words, it was all done in secret behind the convoy’s back.

      By law, the convoy’s legal reps will be able to respond to whatever accusations, which we still do not know what they are, within a few days.

      I would imagine by then, unless there’s some really scary skeleton we don’t know about lurking in a closet somewhere, that the freeze will be lifted.

      This is yet just another illegal tactic by government to provoke the protestors into committing a truly criminal act of violence… You know… like the dimwits who tried to burn down an apartment building downtown, who the dimwit mayor of Ottawa tried to associate with the truckers, and did so IN COUNCIL. THAT REALLY blew up in his face.

      You can bet if this was a BLM protest, the government would go out of their way to protect their “right to protest.” Recall the encampment at Toronto City Hall last year, and recall what Mayor Tory did to clean that up. Short answer: He did NOTHING! Law enforcement DID NOTHING!

      And yet, they’ve been trying to “bait” the truckers ever since they rolled into town, to get them to do something… anything… that would justify their clamp down of the protest, because the government doesn’t like hearing cries of freedom from the serfs. How dare they! Thank God the truckers REFUSE to take the bait!

  2. Now that made me laugh knowing that Turdo is being sent the message that his corrupt lackeys are impotent. Walk away and resign. Move to Davos,Turdo.

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