Former “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” Actor, Cathy Jones, Quit Due to Covid Mandates (National Citizens Inquiry)

With over 600k views on Twitter, this clip of Cathy Jones explaining why she quit her 28-year career with CBC’s, “This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” has captured the attention and hearts of many around the world.

Cathy Jones, famously known for her role on #CBC’s #22minutes, is a Canadian actress who prematurely retired from her career due to #Canada’s #COVID19 mandates. Cathy will be attending the hearings in #Truro #NovaScotia starting on March 16!


5 thoughts on “Former “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” Actor, Cathy Jones, Quit Due to Covid Mandates (National Citizens Inquiry)”

  1. I still don’t agree with “they had to get vax’d, they had a mortgage”
    If you have a mortgage then you have equity in your home and likely RRSPs
    some kind of collateral that the bank would be willing to risk lending you money.

    If your spouse still has a job, then you can survive on one income, single parents do this all the time, get rid of a car or two. Rent out a room. Rent out the whole house and live in a trailer park.
    If both spouses loose there job, or you don’t have a working spouse, then sell your house and move to some nothing town. If your still young move back with your parents.

    My spouse is low income and has constantly be laid off over the past 30 years. Companies are always restructuring or being bought out. We were raised to save for a rainy day. We survived all the past lay offs, one when our first child was 4 months old, one when I was 8 months pregnant with our second child (both already uncertain financial times with the extra expensive of a new family member) . We survived on savings. There are food banks, and a walk on garbage day eve will find you lots of neat stuff. There are youtubers who make a living videoing their garbage day finds. Stuff you can use, stuff you can sell. Then there are second hand stores, and local transit or car pooling. You DONT NEED cable, internet, cell phones etc. Go to the library to email or sit on your neighbour porch and use their wifi.

    Anyone who took the shot under coercion, doesn’t fully understand what is going on. They gambled with their life to keep their lifestyle. There were OTHER jobs out their to be had. Could have started their own business. I think some of the coerced were dumber than the sheeple. The sheep thought they were doing the right thing for their health, the coerce knew the were not and still took the shot!!!!!!

  2. GREAT news Cathy, any chance of instead of fining these clowns, we put them in jail to start and have new laws to rid of the trash for harm to humanity

  3. Thank you Cathy, for speaking out. My voice fell on deaf ears and astonishingly still does. I managed to stay working without the jab but have an injured husband and many injured friends, some who still don’t make the connection. I hope those responsible will be held to account and I’m happy the injured have a place to be heard. I listen to them. I hear them. I see them. And my heart goes out to each and every one.

  4. Thank you Cathy
    For over 2 years I lived two lives. By day I was a educator that had to “smile and nod” to every crazy lockdown rule because I had to provide for my family. My other life was as co-founder of, rallying people to oppose the destruction of our economy and society. Along the way, I discovered that many Canadians still have courage and passion and love their country. It is so inspiring to hear your voice and I want to say that you made my day.

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