Facing Allegations of Abusing Former Students, Lockdown & Mask “Expert” Ryan Imgrund Once Dismissed the Children’s Mental Health Crisis

Ryan Imgrund, the former highschool teacher now facing allegations of “sexually,” “emotionally” and “psychologically” abusing students, was chosen to be a member of Ontario’s Covid-19 risk assessment team. Without any qualifications, Imgrund was inexplicably paraded by the mainstream media as a “biostatistician,” peddling “expertise” on lockdown and mask protocols and even informing the Toronto SickKids’ Hospital of necessary measures.

When the CDC announced that millions of US children were suffering mental health issues, Imgrund dismissed the statements by Canadian pediatric experts, the American Academy of of Pediatrics and the CDC saying, “The majority of students do not have mental health issues…I don’t care what a CDC government study says.”

There must be accountability for the harms caused by people like Imgrund during the disastrous Covid-19 response and those allowing him such an influential pulpit.

Imgrund resigned from the Ontario College of Teachers June 8.


5 thoughts on “Facing Allegations of Abusing Former Students, Lockdown & Mask “Expert” Ryan Imgrund Once Dismissed the Children’s Mental Health Crisis”

  1. I’ve seen Ryan’s hard drive and let me tell you it even made be blush. Looking forward to reuniting with him in the pen. Lock down 4 life buddy.

  2. Allegations aside one thing I know Ryan’s head game is strong af. I’m gonna miss our weekly get togethers.

  3. My Dad is innocent I don’t know why you keep writing these stories. He’s touched me twice in the shower but he was helping me clean my bum hole with his pee pee.

  4. Good thing Imgrund resigned or was forced out for his Safety either way he is scum, and I too wouldn’t believe the CDC and further off than the topic I wouldn’t trust the WHO and the representative along with many others including Trust funds as I think there’s a lot of to be unclosed about them trust funds, maybe someone will open the can of worms on those slimy leaders and donators

  5. Maybe the former teacher is RIGHT about ignoring the CDC…..the CDC’s main motivation is to get everyone including children to take their recommended meds as pushed by BIG PHARMA. I wouldnt trust ANYTHING the CDC says now or in the future.

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