Ethics Professor Gives Heartbreaking Final Lesson on Refusing Vaccine Before Being Fired

Dr. Julie Ponesse, Professor of Ethics, University of Western, gives an emotional last lesson to her students in anticipation of being fired for choice to not take an experimental and unapproved Covid-19 vaccine.

She was subsequently fired.


80 thoughts on “Ethics Professor Gives Heartbreaking Final Lesson on Refusing Vaccine Before Being Fired”

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  4. I feel misled when they call it a vaccine I thought a vaccine was something we all have taken at a young age to prevent diseases such as polio , measles , chicken pox that were tested for decades and required only “ONE ” shot for life… no boosters .
    Isn’t covid a virus ? and what they’re mandating is a flu shot that has no guaranty.
    Good for you Dr.J. Ponesse for standing true to your ethics and not giving in to extortion .

  5. She was not “forced” to receive a vaccine. She was offered the choice of masking up on campus if she chose not to be vaccinated and she still refused. No doubt, she realizes the attention this will garner and has used it to claim a soapbox. One can’t help but wonder why she wasn’t so adamant against the university’s dress code for staff members? If this really comes down to basic ethics and she’s believes that even a mask is infringing upon her rights as an individual, certainly the requirement to dress professionally does as well?

    Whatever. She’s faking that sob at the end too lmao

  6. If vaccines worked, why do their producers need absolute immunity… from the People – it should be the other way round.

    Anything that *requires* monopoly protection (i.e. government protection using the law) would not be able to exist (otherwise it would not need that protection) i.e. the People would not buy it, figuratively and commercially – this is what freedom means: choice.

  7. If the government said let’s castrate all males to keep the population down, would you still be responding the same?

  8. This is clearly a case of blackmail: “the act of threatening to harm someone or someone’s reputation unless the person does as you say” .
    Blackmail is a crime.
    The employer must be sued for such a crime.
    Also , nothing was mentioned in her work contract about vaccination, so there is also a case of:
    “Breach of contract and wrongful dismissal”

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  11. Here is a fundamental principle reality of human existence :
    I have been pointing this out for months, now :
    we cannot stand against forced vxcxvs on the argument that it is ‘experimental’ ! – They can and will eventually declare it ‘legal’/’approved/proven-safe/… whatever suits politically- and for business –
    at that moment the ‘cannot-force-experimental-vxcvcx’- argument will become irrelevant and obsolete –
    We must stand strong and adamant on the argument of personal ownership of your own mind and body and life – nobody has more claim to my body and my health than I do – And no person can grant another, not even to a politician, the police, even to elected officials, a right that the person does not himself have –
    It is a fallacy to think that because- or although- an individual does not have a right to control another peaceful human being .. a right to force someone else to act against their will ( every one of us, were we to try, would be sent to jail – and morally-ethically- rightly so),.. that because we as individuals have no such right, that we could simply form a group and vote to grant someone else – a politician, police…- such a right to force another’s will upon someone else –
    No matter how many people a politician can persuade – by fear, intimidation, bribes, propaganda, promising free stuff,… – to support his claim to authority over others’ bodies and lives, it would be most anti-humane tyrannical enslavement for a politician to actually enforce such outrageous claims of ownership and control over other human beings –
    To claim otherwise is not only morally and ethically unsustainable, but also logically impossible to sustain – see HansHermannHoppe’s plenty interesting writings, lectures, talks, interviews, on youtube, his articles,.. on his logical and philosophical reasoning of what he calls ‘Argumentation Ethics’ –
    You cannot make a claim that another human being must obey your rule – that you have authority over another’s mind, speech, body, actions – without logically contradicting yourself, who you are making such a statement by utilizing your own mind and body over which you clearly – by doing so – assume ownership at the same time, too –
    As well, in this context, a must-read is the single most important small but grand classic booklet by Frederic Bastiat on the true understanding of the nature of ‘The Law’, both natural law as well as human-made-state- law
    free downloads at

    1. We all need to remember that not one single vaccine has ever been proven to be safe. There are no reputable double-blind studies showing the safety and efficacy of any vaccine currently on the market.

      1. But MRNA injections are NOT vaccines. According to the WHO they are classed as an experimental “medical intervention” showing increasing signs of failing to protect from the virus.

    2. Erika Koenig-Workman

      Very good, thank you. Yet, that’s what’s happening across the globe. Politicians are cooperating and obeying Fauci, Gates, Schwab, and the lot. Those who do not obey the tyranny are classed as domestic terrorists, outcasts—even dirt on the ground to be trampled on. Where we are headed is looking exceedingly grim. Does this all sound familiar ‼️⁉️

      There are two choices: maintain bodily autonomy or comply. The nature of fascism is such that it will not tolerate any other way than it’s own, ergo: control is the strategy of the game, 24/7/365. Without an end.

    1. The question is about choice.
      What happened to ” My body, my choice”????
      Forced vaccines are communist.
      It is a loss of personal freedom.
      It is government overstepping.

    2. Where to many inaccuracies and misrepresentations. Suffice it to say covid is not a harmless condition..the health crisis is real and that vaccines do in fact work.
      Ethics pextends beyond the selfish serving individualistic little world this professor lives in.
      For not acknowledging our shared responsibly to one another and the common good she shows a narrow insufficient grasp of the complexity of ethics and morality and earns her loss of employment on those grounds alone.

      1. Your response is characteristic of a sociopath. Perhaps even clinical psychopath. No empathy whatsoever, no application of the critical aspects of the scientific method, just pure psychopathy.

      2. Against rushed vax

        Respectfully, Len, no one owes someone to take a ‘v accine’ that has no long term testing, with new untested technology, that has a high risk and unknown long term risk profile. (It is actually a gene therapy for M rna shots, not a v ax). The saddest thing is there is existing cheap treatments, of repurposed drugs, but no money in it. Instead we are offered risky v accines that are not as effective as hoped, and not preventing transmission really that well. So herd immunity is a lie, it does not exist with these, and there are scientists that already agree we cannot reach it through this. And in fact, we see more and more, how little effect it has for those older with comorbidities, the ones we need most to protect. It’s rather useless, isn’t it? This is all about money. They could not get emerg approval for a v accine if there is a treatment that exists, they have every reason to suppress other treatments with this much money involved. This is all about Big Pharma recouping their staggering losses after creating the Opiod crisis. Don’t get me started on the risk of A ntibody d ependent enhancement….if there was ANY chance for this occurring with this variant or the next. can you imagine the catastrophe? And speaking of ethics, how do we reconcile this treatment, when so many cannot access it, due to a vaccine apartheid. We could never had v axxed the world over and over again, we don’t have the supplies. We need cheaper treatments with a known safety profile, they already exist. Your concern for ethics is better aimed at the callous disregard of Big Pharma and governments who are getting rich off this, than this brave woman being bullied into medical tyranny….

  12. … but she wasn’t fired! Why the dishonesty on this key point? What other misrepresentations do we have to sift through here?

  13. Such an amazing BRAVE soul!!! I not only respect you completely … I WHOLLY believe your actions will resonate into the glorious future when all of this FRAUD is uncovered and knocked to the ground by the powers RISING UP TO DESTROY THIS HORRENDOUS PLOT of medical tyranny! RISE UP CANADA RISE UP!!!

  14. The vaccine has been approved and there is a huge sample size given how much of the world have been vaccinated. She also does not provide any examples, and just makes statements that she has spoken to doctors. She attends lectures with hundreds of students, and given the infection rates of Delta, she could very well infect students in her class who are legitimately unable to get the vaccine due to immunodeficiencies.
    Does the student not have a right to fair and equal education given how safe vaccines are proven to be in a number of peer-reviewed papers?
    There is plenty of studies that show good indications of safety in the New England Journal of Medicine over the last while.

    1. The vaccine has not been approved. EUA only which is VERY different. Even if it had been approved her points are all valid.

      1. On August 23, 2021, the FDA approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty, for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of the third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals.

        It is approved for 16+ which I would assume she is, the EUA is for those below 16 years of age. none of the students and professors would fall under this.
        Her arguments would hold a lot more weight if she did not talk about the lack of data about the efficacy at about 2:30 mark which there are plenty of. Statements like this reduce the impact of her statements no matter how true they may be, given the fact that she is not making these statements with the most up-to-date information, which makes me question her expertise in her own field if she is freely making blanket statements questioning publically available and per reviewed information.

        1. Erika Koenig-Workman

          Most up to date? What do you base that on? What are your reliable, credible and reputable sources? Do you take into consideration that the WHO, CDC, FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, the biomedical complex is funded by black and blood money? Meaning: the game is rigged. This is the game that started a long time ago. Even before the Rockefellers took over the Universities in order to influence Doctors in training and the control the pharmaceutical industry with their oil money. Time to wake up Eugene K.

        2. Comirnaty is approved, but not available. Meanwhile they keep giving the Biontech for which there is no liability. Another scam of the big Pharma, so sad people don’t see it.

    2. Huge sample size minus the censorship of those injured by the vaccine? Why censor those instances with so much desperation? And if it works with 80% of the population vaccinated, why so much Delta spread? Why is Israel, the most heavily vaccinated country, having the highest spike in cases? Why is the Mu variant already being talked about as vaccine resistant?

      This whole narrative is dishonest and Nazi scientists are going to face severe justice. In their arrogance they will never believe it now, but they will weep when they realize they are facing justice for crimes against humanity.

    3. The FDA approval was based ON the original trials – which had NO unhealthy, pregnant or children (under 16) participating. It did NOT take any adverse events reported to VAERS (over 500K reports) into consideration other than the myocarditis/periocarditis (because we we WERE UP IN ARMS ABOUT IT).

      That distinct and separate “Comiranty” is the approved treatment – approved for 16+ (manufacturer is NOW liable for damages/injury); however, even though FDA states in the approval letter dated August 23/2021 that the two treatments ARE interchangeable they are very distinct and separate. The original Pfizer/BioNtech in MOST freezers across the world continues to have 1) Emergency Use Authorization ONLY (so check your label before agreeing if you plan to take the injection) 2) liability free status and 3) access to give to kids 12-15). HOWEVER, did you SEE the package insert for the APPROVED Comirnaty? Well if you didn’t – let me enlighten you. See

      13.1 Carcinogenesis; Mutagenesis (genetic information of an organism is changed by the production of a mutation); Impairment of Fertility
      COMIRNATY has NOT been evaluated for the potential to cause
      i) carcinogenicity (CANCERS),
      ii) genotoxicity (can cause DNA or chromosomal damage)
      iii) impairment of male fertility (many have reported male testes/sperm count changes)
      In a developmental toxicity study in rats with COMIRNATY there were no vaccine-related effects on female fertility [see Use in Specific Populations (8.1)] (I read that 16% of FEMALE RATS did have fertility issues in an original trial document (I’d have to find if interested) and I constantly READ about hundreds if not thousands of reports of period changes and spontaneous abortion/miscarriages reported to VAERS!

      So no … your thoughts on the FDA do not align with what I have come to discover. So WE SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE to refuse no matter what someone else’s “disability” or rights are as they should never come ahead of our decision NOT to be subjected to these POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS effects – not yet known!

      P.S. Her students could as EQUALLY infect HER because the vaccine does NOT stop someone from getting the virus nor transmitting it … and in fact those immunized often have breakthrough and are UNAWARE that they are spreading the virus; while those unvaccinated WILL PRESENT with symptoms.

    4. The final studies on the vaccines, at least the Pfizer one is due in September 31, 2024. All you have to do is read the FDA white paper to learn this. It is not conspiracy theory but public knowledge printed by the FDA and made freely available to the public. Please stop spreading misinformation.

    5. What do you mean by that. Vaccines are proven safe for many years . Only by the vaccine manufacturers are they safe . They are so safe that billions of dollars have been paid out do to deaths , life long handicaps like being fully handycaped for life . Give your head a few minutes to learn a few things.
      Vaccines have actually hurt more people than they have ever helped.
      Mainly because GOD gave us every thing we need but big pharma can’t make money from them . So they put down anything that works so they can sell you crap they make that only makes you sicker and needing more drugs that they already made.

    6. Even a vaccinated person can infect other people with Covid… There are plenty of study’s against the vaccine and for the vaccine. It should be a choice. We do not live in a communist country!

  15. It’s ok, write some books from home. I will buy them, because I will also be sitting at home. If all the people who question this ‘not vaccine’ which includes many fully vaccinated people who are troubled that they are being told they need to continuing injecting chemicals into their body, denied international trips though they met all requirements asked, and have lost all faith in our Prime Minister ranting like a lunatic, oddly request an early election, living and working hypocrisy between his cottage, charity…, would be brave enough to stand together and be honest, the darkening climate would change for the better. I’m sorry this is happening to you, to us all, thank you for being brave. I’m fully vaccinated shy of this not yet vaccine, for the wellness of my autoimmune conditions I am waiting for further information and this human lab rat experiment longer term results. The injection is already failing, unfortunately. Multiple doses, breakthrough infections. It is stressful to feel coerced and to witness ostracizing amongst the world population. I will share this video everywhere I can

  16. unhappy situation

    This is totally unfair and we as the people of Canada should stand up to this tyranny from the government, just because some of us as taken the jab, does not mean that you are clear from not being fired, maybe right now!! but what about if they decide you need to take a third shot or fourth shot or who knows how many more….. will you continue to comply with this government’s madness !!!
    where will it end.!!!

    1. The answer to your question is: “It” will NOT end. Because behind “It” is the spirit of Communism. Spiritual problems must be dealt with in a spiritual manner. As seen in: The Epoch’s post on Communism, Part 3. The beast will not rest until all Christians and individuals who do not comply are punished and then bullied into submission. The choice is: submit or be removed …

    2. Trudeau ORDERED 125M boosters in April 2021 (an irreversible financial contract by the way) BEFORE we had rec’d “our first doses” that had not been proven to be safe nor effective. As you may or may not know – the boosters have ALREADY begun being administerd in Canada … in “certain populations”! Of course all of those accepting this medical tyranny ARE NEXT – because they will get a pop up notice on the good ole NEW DIGITIZED passport saying “it’s time to get your booster” OR YOUR GREEN PASS (and digitized currency) ACCESS will now be deemed invalid/denied (just like Israel implemented this past month)! You kind, considerate, and polite Canadians are being led by the PIPER to your demise! DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING ELSE!!!! MARK MY WORDS … NEXT it WILL be our elders who are sick and (IN Trudeau’s words this week) … “CLOGGING UP the hospitals ” … that will be FORCED to take ASSISTED DEATH/SUICIDE medical treatment – because you know – it’s for the good of ALL!

      1. Erika Koenig-Workman

        Hi Charlene,

        The answer is to not comply, to refuse the injections. To stop playing the game. In doing so we are not diminishing the fact the c19 kills and destroys lives. Essentially we are asserting our God given right to refuse a supposed “medical procedure” that has become a tyranny upon human populations across the world without full concent.

        What is NOT being openly discussed among people is natural immunity and other alternative treatments. The reason for this is because the Liberal government and the mainstream media and the pharmaceutical industry are on the same page pushing the injections on people.

        Why does the Liberal government not talk about nutrition and a healthy diet as a viable treatment for c19 and related illness? The reason they do not talk about it is because the government is in financial partnership with the manufacturing companies of the “vaccines”.

        The government has colluded with corporations and the CCP to set us on the path of Technocracy and Transhumanism, see the Canadian Government Public Site at: https//

        If that is not enough to convince you of the direction we are being taken in then please go to:

    3. Erika Koenig-Workman

      We are standing up, best we can through the help of many grass roots groups, through many mainstream groups and through the work of politicians who are taking a stand for freedom and liberty, namely those whom support the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Contrary to popular belief, this document is still relevant!

      See the work of Vaccine Choice Canada and Rocco Galat who is a Canadian lawyer who specializing in constitutional law. On August 13th, he launched a law suit which states, according to a CBC article published August 13, 2020.

      “”The plaintiffs are suing the governments of Canada and Ontario, the City of Toronto, senior politicians, a number of local Ontario health authorities, health officials and the CBC over their response to the pandemic.

      The suit states that the closure of businesses to prevent the spread of the virus was “extreme, unwarranted and unjustified,” that self-isolation measures imposed on individuals were “not scientific, nor medically based nor proven” and that the mandatory wearing of face coverings in some public spaces imposes “physical and psychological harm.”

      The lawsuit alleges that the measures violate Sections 2 (right of association), 7 (life, liberty and security of the person), 8 (unlawful search and seizure), 9 (arbitrary detention of enforcement officers) and 15 (equality before and under the law) of the charter.

      “The measures … are further not in accordance with the tenets of fundamental justice in their overbreadth, nor are they justified under S.1 of the charter in that they are demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society,” the lawsuit states.”

      Additionally, to characterize an individual or agency as “anti-vaxers” is incorrect. It is incorrect because: it is a given that families who have children who attend daycares, public schools and high schools require a series of vaccinations according to the Public Health Guidelines in each province of Canada.

      A family who has children with special needs holds a unique perspective on the issue of vaccination. There are numerous studies on the effects of vaccinations on children that are not in the public eye. I will gladly provide names and studies here.

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