5 thoughts on “Canadian Govt Under Reporting Post-Covid-19-Vaccine Deaths?”

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  2. Indeed there is Excess Mortality and that is because of people refusing to get vaccinated. Its like people want a death sentence. You can’t cure stupid. The unfortunate thing is that they are spreading it to people that are weak. Its dam shameful and should be criminal!!!

    1. Dear Rog, What is criminal is accepting false information from those in authority. The actual truth is: the vaccinated are prolonging the pandemic. The vaccine does prevent severe symptoms, but this allows the one infected not to be too worried about spreading it. Please just check the facts and you will see worldwide that the vaccine has not changed a thing. By the way, I am not a criminal…just a person who does a lot of reading and research and prefers not to be a slave to unlawful authoritarians…Peace to you, Rev. John Vella.

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