[INTERVIEW] Democracy & a Physician on Trial -Dr. Mark Trozzi CPSO Hearing Update with Michael Alexander

With a decision soon forthcoming for the fate of Ontario ER Physician Dr. Mark Trozzi to practice medicine, he and his counsel, Michael Alexander, speak about his disciplinary case with the CPSO tribunal. Outside of his personal stake, Dr. Trozzi’s case has international ramifications for freedom of expression, the rule of law and liberal democracy for any doctors who chose to ethically stand for their patients during Covid with cutting-edge science spurring their views.

Join us, as Dr. Trozzi and Alexander delve into the greater David-vs-Goliath battle against a globalist agenda of state censorship and total control of both medical and political systems.

To support Dr. Trozzi’s legal case, donate at JusticeForMedicine.com.

Immunization Agenda 2030 proposes 500 new vaccines be introduced in the name of health and “equity.”
Without any proof, the Immunization Agenda 2030 says that one of its targets is “50 million future deaths averted globally.”
WHO tweet showing “500 new vaccines” to be introduced by 2030.

2 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Democracy & a Physician on Trial -Dr. Mark Trozzi CPSO Hearing Update with Michael Alexander”

  1. Without getting into all the ones that have no common sense, I hope DR. MARK Trozzi gets a fair shake as I would trust what he presents than some of the ones that go along with this unfair and unjustified narrative, better put wimps that don’t stand up to the bullies, look at the ones that were coerced into the military counter measure, gene therapy or what they think is a vaccine and maybe look at the deaths and injuries from honest graphs. These doctors are not putting their couriers on the line because of money, their doing it because they know the truth and care about their patience or real innocent people and my hat goes off to them and not the ones that go by the corrupted narrative that tell fibs for what ever reason,: Stand up like the real soldiers in their field

  2. getting late in the game

    Every Canadian should be made to listen to that video. Well done and thank you.

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