Covid-19 Vaccine Failure in Manitoba First Nations Communities

On Oct. 18, 2021, Dr. Marcia Anderson, public health lead for Manitoba First Nations Pandemic Coordination Team, shared the latest data on cases of breakthrough infections and severe outcomes, including deaths, in First Nations communities.

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16 thoughts on “Covid-19 Vaccine Failure in Manitoba First Nations Communities”

  1. Sherry Herrebrugh

    Stop the vaccines . They are killing people!!!
    Treatment is available and should be used No matter what!! Money and big Pharma are the only reason!! So much corruption… people are waking up!

  2. Vicki, you are sooooooo right, From the start of this mess focus should have been centered around treatment. The “cureall”should have been secondary as research and development of a vaccine in order to be proven safe and effective requires in depth studies and time! Yet instead the powers to be roll out a premature unproven vaccination and in many instances throughout the world inhibit the usage of proven remedies Sickos who should pay for their reckless actions. .

  3. The adverse reactions & deaths due to the vaccines are terrible for EVERYONE, and can be checked at the site. Breakthrough covid cases and deaths in the fully vaccinated are also happening in all populations. But I appreciate very much that First Nations has publically reported their findings on these matters. The vaccines need to stop for EVERYONE and better treatment protocols must be used for those who do get sick with covid. If we all had access to a decent antibody test (to learn if we have any level of immunity, either from a vaccine or from natural immunity achieved by having recovered from covid) – THAT would be immensely helpful to everyone.

    1. all first nations healthcare providers in each community should be trained to operate and analyize data through the use of electron microscopes…they cost under $10,000 a unit

    2. How about admitting that number of dead people from all diseases is not increased anywhere and let’s draw logical conclusion that pandemic was proclaimed based on propaganda and not on scientific data?!
      Also, let’s proclaim WHO terrorist organization and all bureaucrats who dealt with WHO supporting its agenda must be tried for SUBVERSION, SABOTAGE AND TERRORISM!
      Yes! It is that simple!, finding proof that virus doesn’t exist! Statistical analysis online within 2 minutes into number of dead people from all diseases, provides a mathematical proof of global conspiracy and massive hysteria perpetuated even today!
      And now try to imagine how frustrating it is for me being called names last 2 years while preaching scientific approach to all this madness and facing nothing else but CANCEL CULTURE!

      1. I’ve been doing the same thing, I have fewer friends. So be it.
        People don’t read the data. All brainwashed.

  4. What other factors are at play? Overcrowded multi-generational housing? No option to isolate if sick? What would it take to improve housing and ventilation? Underlying respiratory diseases caused by fungi, parasites or bacteria? Obesity, with a body mass index over 30? Poor nutrition leading to weakened immunity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholestrol? It the people wish to priorize nutrition, it must be extremely expensive to get adequate fruit, veggies and healthy foods in general.

  5. Sure. You been killing them for centuries. Why not give them the poison first. Lol lol. One less native saves money from tax payers. Good job

    1. Queen Victoria declared that the indigenous be paid generously for the rent of their lands including fishing hunting licenses too. This present Government has kept a big Secret..the land was to be returned to them in 1972!!!

    1. yea and take away money from the cheifs and council and also the dianne bears of our communities lol they will do whatever they are told if the price is right. hence why i left my shit hole rez.

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