13 thoughts on “Convoy Against “Illegal” Vaccine Passport Arriving in Ottawa Oct. 6, 2021”

  1. It’s amazing that this is even a topic.

    Getting vaccinated to prevent possible catching COVID-19 and dying doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me. In the past 2 weeks a friend of ours has seen her anti vaccination son hospitalized with COVID and another person die from complications from COVID.

    Getting vaccinated and having proof vaccination seems to be a good idea to me and having to provide proof to enter bars, restaurants and sporting events protects everyone around.

    People are saying what about the effects of the vaccine in 10 to 15 years? If your dead because you choose not to get vaccinated, then that is of little consequence.

    The only bright side to this pandemic and those that choose not to vaccinate is that according to the stats we are eliminating a lot of stupid

    Being a cancer survivor for 16 years if I would have chosen not to get chemotherapy or a stem cell transport I would not be here.

    Just think about it

    1. Jim I am cancer survivor as well so getting the vaccine for me was my choice. I decide if going to restaurant’s, bars, or sporting events are safe for me. Why would I expect healthy young people have to take a vaccine that has no study with regards to long term effects, to protect me?? This isn’t their responsibility – its mine. The passport divides our society. I don’t think it takes a genius not to be able to see that. Or the repercussions that will result from this.

    2. Well Jim since you went out of your way to post how you rejoice when unvaccinated die could you post your address on here so everyone can come claim all your stuff when you die from the vaccine in 2 years??

    1. I agree, we must honour GOD and somehow make a difference in stopping the federal and provincial governments, the medical authorities, etc. from continuing to perpetrate these crimes against humanity, and murder because of effective treatment which is deliberately being withheld.

  2. Not one single pic or video anywhere of the convoy? They had potluck with media and nothing, zip? No updates on their website to show where to meet up with them in their News section? MOU is still not online for people to sign? Is this real or fabricated? I’ve emailed them as well, no reply.

    1. they have had to deal with communications issues and police and are on telegram but they are still here and growing

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