5 thoughts on “(TRAILER) “Follow the Money” – Unvaccinated & Ousted MPP, Rick Nicholls, Speaks Out”

  1. well they dont follow the science or they would also take into count all other countries major studies on natural immunity being the best isreals alone have had millions being tested already and natural is the best defence and we know FORDS dam campaign manager is a director from pfizer itself so yes follow the money its not science its poltical science bought and paid for whores of govt to push their socialist nazi agendas

    1. And let’s not forget Fords own Company, Eco Designs. Having made the Covid signs and stickers we see everywhere has given Ford his best years financially. I’m sure that “little” conflict of interest was enticing enough for him to sign on to this corrupt, evil plan they’re playing out now.

      1. i’ve heard this many times , and every time i ask for proof that this is true . a single photo of a Deco Labels (the actual name of the company) box full of these stickers would be good enough .
        but so far not a single photo has surfaced .

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