Canadian Man Returns From U.S. Without Vaccination or Negative PCR Test

Against all govt decrees otherwise, Joseph Nucara, an essential worker, successfully drove back into Canada in July with his family without vaccinations or negative PCR tests. Join us for this remarkable interview, as Joseph tells us how, proving that many vaccine mandates are mere tactics of vaccine coercion by omission of facts and details.

Ex-OPP officer, Vincent Gircys, joins the conversation to share his viewpoints on Joseph’s saga, the law and citizens’ rights.

5 thoughts on “Canadian Man Returns From U.S. Without Vaccination or Negative PCR Test”

  1. What about when there’s an emergency act on a province? It says enforcement can enter without a warrant.

  2. Driving across the border is one thing.
    What if you’re flying? The airlines are complying. What do we do then? How can we avoid the testing required? I’m thinking that we’d have to find somewhere that would take saliva for the PCR test.

    1. I can help you get any PCR test without supplying any bodily fluids/DNA sample.
      What is your email?

  3. VERY good & potentially very useful information!
    Now while it does not apply to me & husband directly bc I’m a US citizen/resident while he is a Canadian citizen/resident, given how crazy the Canadian Gov is becoming, I may NOT be allowed into Canada next Spring bc I will refuse to take any of these “vaccines”. CDN Gov can refuse me entry, but NOT my husband even if he refuses the same “vaccine”. The info in this vid may be of value to him under the circumstances of him having to return to Canada w/o me….. NOT something humane per even Canadian law… but since when in very recent times has that stopped them?? Back on May 31 2020.

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