[BREAKING] Ottawa Trucker Convoy Organizer Working with Police to Ensure Safe Event

After speaking with an organizer for the anticipated historic trucker convoy event in Ottawa this Saturday, January 29, Bright Light News learned there is no intention to shut down Ottawa entirely, as emergency lanes will remain open to avoid creating dangerous situations.

An estimated 36,000 trucks and cars will be descending on Ottawa by Saturday to protest the unconstitutional and illogical vaccine mandates on truckers–who drive alone in their trucks and represent no danger–with events planned in various locations (to be announced). Organizers are working diligently with police to ensure that the event is as peaceful and smooth as possible for the city.

Bright Light News will be airing an interview with some of the organizers soon. Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “[BREAKING] Ottawa Trucker Convoy Organizer Working with Police to Ensure Safe Event”

  1. Rog……obviously doesnt have a clue to whats going on in Canada, the tyranny of our govt. Lies after lies the cover ups by JT s cabinet of payed off liars.

  2. Who is this “Rog” twit? This statist fool must think that North Korea is a safe haven!

    Let Big government protect you, because no Canadian citizen is able to protect themselves, and anyone who counters the narrative must be bullied into submission, just like they did in communist countries during the good ol’ days.

    Does he even have an inkling of intellect to comprehend what these “couple of needles” can do to your immune system? Your Heart? Your Lungs? Your Brain? Maybe that explains it. Maybe our friend Rog took one too many boosters, and it all went to his head!

    1. Soft totalitarianism isn’t enough for Rog the wise. It does look like he wants to go for the hard stuff.

  3. Well well well , ol Rog is back! Hey Rog, is Adolph in your family tree? You sure can spout the same drivel out your pie hole. Even though it doesn’t feel it right now, we do still live in a free society. But freedom isn’t free and we still have to fight to keep it. I think most sane people would agree, that the vax passes and mandates have very little to do with saving lives, the facts show that far more have been harmed.

    This is all about control. We have a Prime Minister right now that seems to think he can do as he pleases and cannot be held accountable for his actions. Yet he spends taxpayers money frivolously and without justification. That simply is not acceptable or sustainable and his position in power must come to an end. We as a country cannot afford it. He has shown were is true loyalties lie and it’s not for Canada. That makes him a traitor . Rog , my friend, the garbage coming out of your mouth against freedom , makes you a traitor too. Traitors were shot in the war!

  4. CBC certainly trying to plant terriost ideas by finding someone to compare to “JAn 6” and a professor to discuss possibilities.

  5. The truckers have made it known, they are there to end all the mandates for everyone in Canada. That’s why it is extremely important for all of us to support them. This whole issue is much bigger than one aspect of society. With numerous countries removing their Covid restrictions, and the amount of data proving the vaccines do more harm than good, these restrictions make no sense. There is a video of Klaus Schwab from WEF proudly stating they have influence over Trudeau and half his cabinet. I will be in Ottawa supporting the cause. FREEDOM.

  6. A peaceful protest? Imagine that! And here I thought peaceful protests were an exclusively AntiFa/BLM thing. Have the CBC and CNN been lying to us all this time? (Sarcasm ends.)

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