[BREAKING] Ottawa Trucker Convoy Organizer Working with Police to Ensure Safe Event

After speaking with an organizer for the anticipated historic trucker convoy event in Ottawa this Saturday, January 29, Bright Light News learned there is no intention to shut down Ottawa entirely, as emergency lanes will remain open to avoid creating dangerous situations.

An estimated 36,000 trucks and cars will be descending on Ottawa by Saturday to protest the unconstitutional and illogical vaccine mandates on truckers–who drive alone in their trucks and represent no danger–with events planned in various locations (to be announced). Organizers are working diligently with police to ensure that the event is as peaceful and smooth as possible for the city.

Bright Light News will be airing an interview with some of the organizers soon. Stay tuned.

21 thoughts on “[BREAKING] Ottawa Trucker Convoy Organizer Working with Police to Ensure Safe Event”

  1. Rog……obviously doesnt have a clue to whats going on in Canada, the tyranny of our govt. Lies after lies the cover ups by JT s cabinet of payed off liars.

  2. Who is this “Rog” twit? This statist fool must think that North Korea is a safe haven!

    Let Big government protect you, because no Canadian citizen is able to protect themselves, and anyone who counters the narrative must be bullied into submission, just like they did in communist countries during the good ol’ days.

    Does he even have an inkling of intellect to comprehend what these “couple of needles” can do to your immune system? Your Heart? Your Lungs? Your Brain? Maybe that explains it. Maybe our friend Rog took one too many boosters, and it all went to his head!

  3. Well well well , ol Rog is back! Hey Rog, is Adolph in your family tree? You sure can spout the same drivel out your pie hole. Even though it doesn’t feel it right now, we do still live in a free society. But freedom isn’t free and we still have to fight to keep it. I think most sane people would agree, that the vax passes and mandates have very little to do with saving lives, the facts show that far more have been harmed.

    This is all about control. We have a Prime Minister right now that seems to think he can do as he pleases and cannot be held accountable for his actions. Yet he spends taxpayers money frivolously and without justification. That simply is not acceptable or sustainable and his position in power must come to an end. We as a country cannot afford it. He has shown were is true loyalties lie and it’s not for Canada. That makes him a traitor . Rog , my friend, the garbage coming out of your mouth against freedom , makes you a traitor too. Traitors were shot in the war!

  4. Oh genius let’s pollute like crazy burning diesel across the country because we are a bunch of selfish whining truckers who are throwing a temper tantrum. Let’s not ship goods across the country and harm consumers. Real smart protest there….oh and on top of that let’s clog the highways so it will take longer for emergency responders to get to their destination.

    I hope they see $0 from that go fund me page. That money should be confiscated and these truckers should be fined. I wish there was a mechanism that in Transport Canada that could shut this down like a temporary license suspension. This is insane.

    1. Hey Rog, I’m gonna drive my pickup truck around the block 20 times today just for the fun of it. I’ll be thinking of you the whole time.

      1. By all means piss your money away. Why not drive around your block 200 or 2000 times. While you are at it go on a shopping spree and max all your credit cards out. That way you can’t pay your internet or cell or phone bill and then I don’t have to put up with you coming here making stupid comments that make no sense.


        1. Rog. What a sad, hateful thing you are. You are the ultimate tyrant wannabe: You want to hold down people and forcibly inject them with poison. You want people imprisoned for disagreeing with you. You want money donated, out of the goodness of people’s hearts to a noble cause, confiscated. You can’t even take a joke you’re so humorless. I’ll bet even your mommy can’t stand you. “Build back bitter” is what you’re really all about.

    2. They represent millions of citizens in this world, watching Canada now. TV doesn’t tell you, FB censors everything. You will see it live, if you have the eyes open. this is not about the truckers nor is it about vaccines, it’s about FREEDOM dude, wake the fuck up

      1. It’s censored for a reason because the whole thing is stupid. People are calling them heroes….ahaha that makes me laugh. Fat truck drivers hauling empty loads across Canada wasting money and polluting the environment for no good reason and massively blocking traffic which is a safety issue, all because they are scared of a couple needles. As for freedom had they gotten the jab as well as the rest of you goofs we would have more of our freedom back. Instead you stubbornly refuse. The real heroes are the vets, those that still serve and those that make the hard decisions despite how many disagree. Trudeau, Hadju and Duclos have done a fantastic job in this pandemic keeping Canadians safe. They are constantly under flak by miserable people such as yourselves but they will still protect you nonetheless, even if it’s protection from yourselves.

        1. Rog, nobody is afraid of needles. It’s the poison in the syringe people are leery of. BTW how have all your shots worked out for you? Do you enjoy being jabbed over and over and over again? You still have to wear a mask and be checked at the door wherever you go just in case you’re one of us dirty, unclean people. Is that your idea of freedom?

          Anyway, Rog, you really need to go get your blankie and your soother and take a nap. You’re sooo cranky today!

  5. CBC certainly trying to plant terriost ideas by finding someone to compare to “JAn 6” and a professor to discuss possibilities.

    1. Well these idiots certainly love polluting burning all that diesel. There should be an environmental fine for each of them. Hope the government can come up with something. Perhaps a ban on these types of future protests.

  6. The truckers have made it known, they are there to end all the mandates for everyone in Canada. That’s why it is extremely important for all of us to support them. This whole issue is much bigger than one aspect of society. With numerous countries removing their Covid restrictions, and the amount of data proving the vaccines do more harm than good, these restrictions make no sense. There is a video of Klaus Schwab from WEF proudly stating they have influence over Trudeau and half his cabinet. I will be in Ottawa supporting the cause. FREEDOM.

  7. A peaceful protest? Imagine that! And here I thought peaceful protests were an exclusively AntiFa/BLM thing. Have the CBC and CNN been lying to us all this time? (Sarcasm ends.)

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