BREAKING: CBC Building Plastered With Suspected Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

(Toronto, ON) Activists plastered hundreds of suspected Covid “vaccine” injuries and deaths onto the doors and windows of the CBC building on Front St. early this morning.

The CBC, Canada’s taxpayer-funded media corporation, has been charged by many to be complicit in propagandist lies over the safety of the experimental gene therapies.

Without any critical investigation, the CBC and other mainstream media outlets continue to push the “safe and effective narrative” in spite of overwhelming evidence of catastrophic and unprecedented levels of adverse events.

Seeking to bring attention to the injuries and deaths temporally related to Covid-19 “vaccines,” the activists worked feverishly to get the profiles up. Security guards were present but did not intervene.



Activists paste hundreds of suspected Covid-19 “vaccine” injuries and death profiles.
“Justice for the Vaccinated” stickers appeared on the doors and windows.

CBC building around 6am this morning.
CBC building front doors.
One of the hundreds of “vaccine” injury and death profiles.
After looking at the profiles, security guards return indoors.
Charges of “vaccine” adverse events complicity for the CBC and mainstream media.
A grim reminder of lives potentially damaged and ended by the mRNA shots.
Activists plaster profiles high and low.

17 thoughts on “BREAKING: CBC Building Plastered With Suspected Vaccine Injuries and Deaths”

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  5. Constance Fogal

    Thank you Canadian warriors for exercising truth and justice and liberty- our birthrights.
    Thank you for being warriors of the light…

    .>Constance Fogal, niece of a soldier uncle who died in France and wife of a soldier husband who was wounded in Italy trying to protect and preserve liberty. As my husband said, “We thought we defeated fascism only now to learn that it never went away.”

  6. Brenda Stevenson

    The Freedom Warriors came through big time. No doubt eyes and minds were awakened with this brave act. Seeing the faces and names of the suspected injured and deceased on the very building that denied them of truthful information-a profound moment in Canadian History

  7. This is a great idea!
    Kudos to the ‘activists’.
    If CBC even acknowledges this, I bet they will spin it in a way that makes the activists look like ultra right wing conspiracy theorist fools.
    for those who rely on CBC and other MSM as their ‘truthful’ sources of information.
    Sadly, there are still a lot of them.

  8. This needs to happen on all media buildings — especially within easy public view — or at least loads of people holding victims photos!

  9. Isn’t it IRONIC that just being the CBC building with windows, in downtown Toronto, has provided Canada platform for the truth!!! The truth has a way of making itself know.

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  11. PUNISHMENT is essential….they are totally COMPLICIT …so many died because of misinformation that they spewed. MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT FOR ALL INVOLVED….

  12. Hope their head office gets the friendly point, next it will be court and charges unless our law enforcement are supporting CBC which I don’t believe the normal on street force are but who knows on the upper portion called executive branch

    1. getting late in the game

      Finally. Canadians begin to band together and demonstrate. CBC is fully complicit in this genocide so they are culpable. All MSM media outlets are the same-radio and print.Non-violent protests are necessary to wake up the idiots in denial,including those in positions of power.

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